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What to do in case of COVID-19 infection or its’ suspicion and following the course of education in quarantine

Reporting COVID-19 infection or quarantine

Our students who cannot attend university education due to confirmed or suspected coronavirus infection or due to being in official quarantine, and those who are involved in coronavirus contact tracing; are supposed to report the above towards the University at e-mail.

Following the course of education in case of quarantine

Those students who are in quarantine (due to infection or contact tracing) and cannot access online education (Hungarian courses) are supposed to contact their instructors directly in person (via Neptune / e-mail / Microsoft TEAMS). ) and discuss about the supplementation and their duties in person; this way they will be able to follow the course of education.

The above measures are justified by the repeated intensification of the epidemic, and we ask for our students’ cooperation in order to protect all our students and colleagues and the uninterrupted operation of our University.

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