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We take care of your mental wellness

In addition to the educational and professional progress of our students, at Corvinus we also pay attention to their physical and mental wellness as well. For this reason we would like to remind you of the opportunities and our services provided for maintaining mental health, which are available at our university free of charge.

As part of the Renewal Program of the University, the Student Support team awaits students with fresh services and an extended team. The qualified psychologist and counsellors are designated to support the mental health, studying methods of the students and joint thinking about their careers, in the framework of individual consultations, self-care materials, podcasts and related programmes.

Useful contents on the website

Students could read the self-help, coaching, motivation-inducing and other contents written especially for the students on the website, on the social media channels and in the newsletters. We recommend taking these out again and browsing through them, since the academic year ahead of us is expected to have a lot of challenges as well.

For further professional materials that read well and originate from authentic forces, visit the facebook page of the Student Support and click on the website.

Some examples of the topics you may read about in the menu items:

raising motivation,
with sound mind in a crisis,
helpful thoughts in difficult times,
social distancing,
tackling emotionally,
studying during the pandemic (tips and techniques) etc.

Online psychological counselling

If you would like to consult with a professional in person, then you may use the opportunity of online psychological counselling. With the help of a video chat application, qualified psychologists and counsellors are awaiting applicants for online consultations in the fields of career, study support and psychology alike.

Detailed information is available here , and you may write to the e-mail address in order to contact the Student Support.

We recommend these opportunities to all of our Corvinus students, do not hesitate to the Student Support team! You may find information about further opportunities and services on the website here .

You will soon be able to read about our renewing career support services as well in detail. 

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