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We support your career – new programs are waiting for you!

Work, the labour market, the necessary knowledge and our life are all changing more and more dynamically these days. For this reason it is important to build and shape your professional career consciously, actively and adaptively. Corvinus supports its students in this as well, and in the framework of the Renewal Program, career support services were added to the portfolio of the Student Support. With the help of our consulting and programs you may take care of your professional future already during your studies.

Career planning, career building starts with the first “What are you going to be?” question, and it does not necessarily end even upon retirement.

Our career counsellor help you learn more about yourself and your career and to find answers to your question through professional self-awareness and self-development:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I good at?
  • How can I bring out what’s in me?What are my goals? How can I achieve these goals?

Current events

  • You may use the individual career counselling of the Student Support, which we provide to our students online as well in this semester, therefore it is available to the students of the Székesfehérvár Campus, too.
  • You may apply for this via . (Our counselling services, trainings are free of charge for Corvinus students.)
  • Soon you will be able to see our materials in the Career and Lifestyle columns of the Corvinus Online blog, as well as in our podcast series to be launched.
  • You may apply to our complex online CV program, which consists of an online process supported by self coaching tasks and the related expert counselling.
  • You may share your thoughts and opinion by completing a 3-minute questionnaire, which would allow us to customise our October and November programs more. 
  • What do you vote for?

You are building your professional future and life during your studies. If you are conscious about this or want to become more conscious, then look for opportunities to learn about yourself and employment.  

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