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We provide IT assistance to hybrid and remote education

The IT team of the University has prepared a detailed guide for you.

The IT team of the University has prepared a detailed guide for you on what IT opportunities and tools you can use as a student during hybrid and remote education, and exactly how they work.

Weask our students to read the following information in detail, furthermore touse and apply it during the whole academic year.

1. Teams groups are created and updated continuously

2. Detailedtechnical information about using Microsoft 365

3. Password lifetime

4. Howto access earlier courses in Teams?

1. Teams groups are created and updated continuously
We arecontinuously creating groups based on Moodle data. Transfers and retrospectivesubject admissions are tracked by manual data transfer. Depending on the loadon the Microsoft system, it may take a few days to process each data package.Groups are created and students and instructors are assigned to the coursesbased on this. We will do our best within the given technical constraints to createTeams groups with the right memberships as soon as possible.

2. Detailedtechnical information about using Microsoft 365

This is theofficial platform of the university for remote studies. You can find guidesabout the usage of Microsoft365 and about Teams on the summary page for students.Teams is the official communication and collaboration interface of theUniversity.

Guides forstudents of IT support for remote studies

IT servicesfor students

3. Passwordlifetime

To protectyour data (digital identity) and the systems of the University, everyone mustchange their password once a year. Otherwise, you will not be able to use theuniversity’s IT services, for example Wi-Fi, Mail system, Teams.

Check now when your password will expire!
Youcan login on Cusman page even after you have been blocked, after changingyour password all IT services will be available again right away.

If you haveforgotten your password you can ask for a new one at Helpdesk in the buildingof Sóház, room 110, after you show your ID. This can be your student card oryour identity card.

4. How to accessearlier courses in Teams?
For easier transparency, older courses have been archivedcentrally. This means that they are not visible in the groups in the program bydefault. The contents of the groups can not be modified. The conversations thattook place there can be read, and the uploaded files are available in readingmode.
To see archived courses in Teams goto Groups, you will see more options there that can be opened down: active andarchived. Click on archived, you will find your archived courses there.

If you need further information orhelp you can reach out to coworkers of IT Center!

You can submit a ticket and reviewyour ongoing affairs at:

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