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The new university website has kicked off

The objective of our website development team has been to create an easy-to-use and all-comprehensive online platform that consists of the following menus

The Hello Corvinus menu option is mainly relevant for potentially interested parties.

The Programs menu option primarily caters for current students, but it also allows future students to check out study programmes and trainings.

Whoever is interested in research activities should go for the Research menu option. The subpages of the university library appear under this heading, too.

Under the About the university menu option you can find contact information to the university executives and staff, including a presentation of the respective organisational unit.

The Life at Corvinus menu option covers the key aspects of student life: contact information to student organisations, dormitories, colleges for advanced studies; study affairs, student support, IT and technical information.

Up-to-date information is featured under the News and Events menu option, which comes with a filter function. The latest information on the coronavirus and distance learning is also available under this heading.

In addition, the most important and most timely pieces of information are also highlighted on the main page.

The Neptun and the Moodle interfaces, just as the Library can be accessed with one click on the specific button displayed in the top left corner of the main page.

Content that is reserved to lecturers and students is accessible by clicking on the Profile button in the top right corner of the main menu after doing the login with you cusman code and the associated password. If you are a student, you will first be directed to the personal page featuring the “Schedule of the School Year”, the “Ask HÖK” and the “Student Feedback” section. If you are a lecturer or other staff member, you can choose from the “Schedule of the School Year”, “My CV”, the “My Subjects” and the “My Workgroups” options.

In the past few months every organisational unit was actively involved to make sure that all relevant content is accessible on the new website. Should you, however, be unable to find something, the old website will still be available for two months at the link below:

If you need technical assistance, please send an e-mail to:

We trust that you will soon embrace the new university website and grow fond of it!

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