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The highest performing students

Now that the admission points have been announced, we are pleased to let you know that just as in the past, this year Corvinus admitted the highest performing students.

This year too, our University kept admission points above the national average. As for English language study programs, the number of admissible students has been raised to promote internationalisation. 80 percent of undergraduate students and 85 percent of graduate students admitted for the next academic year will benefit from tuition-free studies owing to the Corvinus Scholarship Program.

In what follows we will share more detailed information about this year’s admission.

We admitted a total of 2,809 students for the 2020/2021 academic year. That is, in the autumn 2,116 students in undergraduate, 632 in graduate and 61 in single cycle programs may commence their studies. 80 percent of undergraduate students and 85 percent of graduate students will benefit from tuition-free studies owing to the Corvinus Scholarship Program.

Just as in earlier years, Corvinus has accepted the highest performing students

To conform with its renewal strategy, the Corvinus University of Budapest accepts students who have met the highest standards, thus it focuses on quality education rather than on mass training. The required stable financial background is provided by Maecenas Universitatis Corvini, the foundation maintaining the University.

Students who gained admission to Corvinus will study in one of the 13 undergraduate, 1 single cycle or 21 graduate programs in the 2020/2021 academic year. The average score of the students admitted to one of the 12 undergraduate or 1 single cycle programs of Corvinus is higher than that of students admitted to all the other universities offering the same programs.

Internationalisation as a strategic goal

The most popular study programs of Corvinus (International Studies, International Business Economics, Communication and Media Science, Business and Management) have retained a high number of applicants, in fact the number of students admitted to English language programs has even increased.

One of the key strategic goals of Corvinus under renewal is internationalisation. This has two aspects: on the one hand Corvinus wishes to constantly enlarge the number of foreign students, in particular from the East-Central European region. On the other hand, it wishes to provide its Hungarian students with training that will enable them to stand competition in the international labour market. In the context of internationalisation, one of the most popular undergraduate programs, International Business Economics will only be launched in English as of September 2020. Furthermore, the number of admissible students to this undergraduate program has doubled from last year: 161 students may commence their studies compared to 80 last year. The decision to double the number of admissible students to the English language Communication and Media Science undergraduate program is also consistent with the internationalisation strategy of Corvinus University’s renewal project.

In the area of management training, the University has raised the number of students admissible to one of the country’s most popular study programs, the Business Administration and Management undergraduate program by 65%. (435 persons were admitted, making it one of the most sizeable study programs in Hungary. 427 points were required to be admitted to this study program with scholarship.) The Business Administration and Management undergraduate program will continue to rank high in the training portfolio of the University.

This year the Applied Economics program, which is considered as one of the flagship study programs of Corvinus and is unique in Hungary, admitted students with a minimum of 410 points. At least 428 points were needed to gain admission to the single-cycle Economic and Financial Mathematical Analysis program. For both programs, the admission points were higher than last year. A minimum of 401 points were required to get admitted to the unique English-language Applied Economics undergraduate program with scholarship. The minimum admission point for the English-language International Studies undergraduate program was particularly high this year, 456 points. The average score of the admitted students was 467.

This year, Corvinus stepped up its admission criteria for graduate students to make sure that only the most excellent and committed students are admitted. For most of the graduate programs at least 70 points are necessary to gain a place with scholarship.

Revamped trainings

Corvinus is committed to renewing all of its study programs in the next few years to respond to market expectations. Initially, as of the autumn semester, both the form and the content of the Applied Economics program (in both Hungarian and English) and the International Business Economics undergraduate program in English will be renewed and a number of teaching methodological innovations will be introduced. The University has also remodelled its English-language Executive MBA representing the highest category of management training. The Economic Analysis graduate program, available in both Hungarian and in English, will be revamped as well.

Székesfehérvár Campus

Various elements of the training portfolio of Corvinus have also been available at a new location since 2016. First year students were admitted to the Székesfehérvár Campus – one of the most dynamically developing dual training bases in Hungary – in numbers comparable to those of last year. The points required to get admitted to the programs offered at the Székesfehérvár Campus have risen considerably, by 50 points by comparison with last year. 

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