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Teacher and Course Evaluation System is available this year too

Teacher and Course Evaluation System is available this semester too. Fill it out and you will be awarded with a priority exam sign-up.
The spring semester turned out to be a little bit out of the ordinary due to the virus, so student feedback is even more important for us than usual. Was there anything you didn't like? What would you do differently? Make yourself heard by the management of the university: complete the student feedback questionnaire by July 12th, and you will be rewarded a priority exam sign-up for the autumn semester. Don’t miss it!

The spring semester of the 2019/20 academic year took a sudden turn as a result of covid-19, and transitioning to digital education was a challenge for both the students and the teachers.

In a situation like this student feedback is especially important as it shows us what we need to change in order to become more productive in the future. 

For this reason, we consider good old Evaluation System feedback - available through the link below until July 12th - a priority. Using your Cusman username and password you can log in and start filling it out - and do not forget that we will thank you for your time by providing you with a priority exam sign-up. 

Fill it out today and let's keep improving together! 

#togetherthebest #CorvinUS  
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