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Simple tips on how to prepare for your exams

For some students, online exams are heaven but for others, who have a slower internet connection and struggle to focus at home, it is not as heavenly as it seems. And as time passes by, one question arises – how do I get ready for the exams? The answer is not very far from what it would have been if we had our usual examination process. However, we would be glad to help you prepare with some simple steps that can boost your overall study experience.

1. The basics - know the general information about the course and the exam 
How do I study for a subject that I don’t even understand? How much effort should I put into a certain course? How long should I study? 

If you don’t want to shower yourself with those questions every single day until the pressure of the upcoming exam crushes you, you should consider several things. 
  • Check out the syllabus/course main topics. Knowing the outline and the matter you will have to dive into is essential for the basic understanding of the course. That way you can organize your study sessions by relevant topics.
  • Know the worth of your exam – if that exam is 100% of your grade you must start studying as soon as possible!
  • Be aware of the time you have. Don’t procrastinate until the moment you have no time to actually study sufficiently.
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