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Recent updates from the Senate of Corvinus University of Budapest

2020-06-26 11:15:43

The Senate of our University held a meeting on June 23, 2020.

In the following, we would like to provide you with a rundown of the topics discussed, the decisions made and the updates that were presented at this session.

Rectoral application
The Senate established an ad hoc committee for the preparation of the invitation to tender. The Board decided on the launch of the application process for the long-term appointment for the role of Rector. The maintainer requested the opinion of the Senate by the end of July regarding what attributes (beyond the legal prerequisites), skills, and experiences would they find vital in further advancing the goals of the University’s renewal process, and what order of preference would they set between the aforementioned characteristics. The committee’s task is to, based on the maintainer’s request, collect and summarize the recommendations of the members of the Senate, and to look into the procedural rules regarding the opinion-forming duties of the Senate with regards to Rectoral applications. The members of the ad hoc committee are: Petra Aczél, Gergely Ferenc Kovács, Miklós Virág.

Conferring the title of Emeritus Professor by the Senate

The Senate conferred the title of Emeritus Professor on Miklós Dobák. Our colleague is a professor of the Department of Management and Organization at the Insitute of Management, furthermore, he is co-founder of the Performance Management Research Center founded in 2003. We would like to congratulate him in the name of his colleagues.

New educational programs

We are launching an Internal Business and Executive Coach postgraduate specialist training course. We are also launching two new educational programs as part of the Regional and Environmental Economic master’s program: the Climate and Sustainability specialization and the Urbanism and Regional Development specialization.

Discussion and approval of regulations

The Senate discussed several regulations pertaining to the Employment Criteria (rules of performance development for the academic area, the service areas, rules regarding performance premiums for 2020). Furthermore, it also discussed the modification of Appendix 2 of the Regulations of Student Fees and Benefits (HTJSZ) regarding self-funding and the cost of the foreign language contribution; and the nomination of Péter Elek, Dániel Horn and Hubert János Kiss as associate professors.

Further topics presented

The Senate has been informed about the following topics:

I. The recommendations of the University leadership regarding means of increasing the involvement of the citizens of the university in the life of the university and its renewal process.

II. Annual Report and Public Interest Report for 2019 and Audit Report.

III. Monthly financial reports from January to May 2020.

IV. Information regarding program development.

V. Information regarding research development.

VI. Information regarding the academic career models and performance development.

All proposals can be found on the Senate page of our website in Hungarian.

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