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Online conduction of doctoral acts

In the following guidance we summarize the most important information and deadlines regarding the online conduction of doctoral acts in accordance with the Provisions of the Presidential Committee No 32/2020. (V. 6.) published on 6 May 2020.

Which doctoral acts are affected by the online conduction?

Comprehensive exams, thesis proposal discussions and public dissertation defences are affected by the online conduction.

Will only the method of conduction change or will the requirements change as well?

The method of conduction shall solely change, the requirements shall remain unchanged as described in the Doctoral Rules and the Organisational and Operational Rules of certain doctoral schools.

Who is affected by the online conduction?

All second-year students who have entered for the comprehensive exam as well as all the students who have already submitted their thesis proposal or dissertation and for whom the competent body has already appointed the evaluation committees in the doctoral procedure are affected by the online conduction.

On which platform will the online doctoral acts be conducted?

The online doctoral acts shall be conducted on Teams, so everyone taking part in the doctoral acts (candidate, supervisor, committee members, invited parties) should have this software at their disposal as well as reliable internet connection and computer suitable for transmitting video and sound simultaneously.

What are the key elements of the online conduction?

The students and the staff of the university contributing to the organization of the doctoral act shall upload all documentation (paper to be submitted depending on the nature of the doctoral act, thesis proposal, dissertation, professional-scientific CV of the candidate, opponent’s evaluations, the candidate’s reply thereto and the candidate’s audio presentation) in advance to the homepage of the Corvinus Doctoral Schools in order to ensure the necessary publicity.

Are the online doctoral acts open to anyone who is interested and has Teams software?

Unfortunately, the technical facilities are currently limited, joining a Teams meeting on a massive scale would significantly impaire the video and sound quality which would jeopardise the successful conduction of the doctoral act in question. Therefore, the meeting may only be joined by the candidate, the supervisor, the members of the committee, the invited parties and those who have declared their interest to take part in it in advance, and it is not possible to ensure the participation of those interested in the meeting spontaneously.

Is it possible to raise questions and share remarks in connection with the submitted paper?

Yes, prior to the thesis proposal discussion and the public dissertation defence anyone can raise questions and share remarks in connection with the papers uploaded to the homepage of the Corvinus Doctoral Schools. The candidate shall respond to the substance of these questions during the doctoral act.

Will the online doctoral acts be applied only during the period of the control of coronavirus, or the opportunity for the online conduction will remain in use in the future as well?

The Presidential Committee provides for the opportunity for the online doctoral acts until revocation, however, in the framework of the project regarding the renewal of the doctoral education we are already planning to apply this genre in other exceptional circumstances (permanent residency abroad, sickness, pregnancy, etc.) as well.


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