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New university management training supports knowledge transfer, research and development and innovation

One of the most important objectives of the renewal of the Hungarian innovation system is that the close cooperation between university knowledge centres and the corporate sector will increasingly promote the practical utilisation of research and development activities. As a result of the processes launched in the ecosystem, the demand for versatile, managerial professionals is already growing: Corvinus University of Budapest and Pannon University today announced in a joint press conference that the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation launches new university postgraduate specialisation programme for research and innovation managers.

The strengthening of the university innovation ecosystem and cooperation in the higher education industry is also encouraged by the decision-makers through various tender funding and the initiation of new cooperation platforms. "An important step in the renewal of the innovation ecosystem is the emergence of university postgraduate specialisation programme," said Dr. Zoltán Birkner, President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office at the event in Budapest. - It is important to build more and more market-oriented cooperation between researchers and businesses, building on the solid foundations of university knowledge bases, which will increase the demand for professionals who are able to design high-quality R&D and innovation projects by connecting the two spheres, sustainable and coordinated implementation."

For the first time in the country, the Corvinus University of Budapest and the University of Pannonia responded to the new labour market demand. At Corvinus, you can already apply for the two-semester “Research and Innovation Manager” training starting in February 2020, and later their offer will be expanded with two semester master programme. Dr. Lajos Szabó, Deputy Rector of Education of the University, said: “Our graduated professionals will have project management and leadership skills. They will be suitable both for leading innovation programmes in the private sector and for managing theoretical research projects. We will teach them to know the micro and macro environment of innovation, they will know how to access sources of innovation, how to implement a project, what legal and patent requirements must be met. So we equip our students with knowledge that can be applied immediately in practice.”

The University of Pannonia has also announced a new postgraduate specialisation programme, offering Transdanubian students competitive and marketable knowledge to become experts in the renewable innovation ecosystem. "Building on the multidisciplinary training and research portfolio of the University of Pannonia, we build a bridge between the technical and business, academic and market areas so that the managers graduated here should be able to develop science-based innovations into internationally marketable products and services" - said Dr. Beáta Fehérvölgyi, Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the University.

Dr. Zita Horváth, Deputy State Secretary for Higher Education of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, added to the press release: “The key words for the higher education of the future are competition, quality, performance and success. The only way to the country's economic and social prosperity is through quality education, creating a healthy innovation environment. The initiative announced today also serves this purpose."

More information about the new courses of the Corvinus University of Budapest is available here

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