Széchenyi 2020
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New research center started operation in CIAS

In January 2020, with the support of ITM, the Laboratory for Networks, Technology and Innovations (NeTI Lab) was founded, and by now it is performing its activity with five outstanding researchers.
The latest development is that on 1st September 2020, the Corvinus Center for Operations Research (CCOR) was founded. The objective of the new research center is to research the relevant areas of operations research (theory of continuous optimisation and the applications thereof; game theory; decision theory and the applications thereof; operations research models and the applications thereof). The five colleagues of the research center pursue their activities in a split job function: they carry out educational activities in the Institute of Mathematics and Statistical Modelling, while they carry out international-level quality research activities in the CIAS-CCOR. The head of the research center is Dr. Tibor Illés, who used to be the leading associate professor of the BME Department of Differential Equations.

Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies 
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