Széchenyi 2020
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New project organization responsible for the renewal of Corvinus

The project organization responsible for the internal renewal process arising from the new operating model of the Corvinus University of Budapest held its initial meeting.
The chairman of the Project Steering Committee is Rector András Lánczi, the co-chairman is Chancellor Lívia Pavlik, members: Dean Zoltayné Paprika Zita Paprika Mrs. Zoltay, Dean Erzsébet Kovács and Dean László Csicsmann, Levente Szabados President of EHÖK, manager: Márton Barta Strategic Director. During the meeting, the members of the Project Steering Committee (PFB) commented on and supported the proposal on the structure and staffing of the Project Organization.

Zoltán Oszkár Szántó, Deputy Rector, the professional leader of the Project Management Committee (PIB), presented the structure and tasks of the organization. Professional work in preparation for changes after July 1, 2019 will take place in five sub-projects covering both the academic and administrative fields of the University; summarizing and performing the tasks required for the new operation. The sub-projects cover the fields of education/education administration, research/innovation / internationalization, organizational development/administration, HR strategy/employment, and management/operation, each sub-project is led by professional leaders and coordinated by managers, and its members are representatives of the respective field. The kickoff meetings of the sub-projects will start early next week, when the individual tasks and the corresponding deadlines will be defined.
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