Széchenyi 2020
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Ideas of the students of Corvinus to tackle the challenges of the coronavirus

The event was held with the participation of the Corvinus teams and several private individuals, investors and inventors. The European Committee, the European Innovation Council and the members of the European Union jointly organized a Pan-European business hackathon between April 24th and 26th. The goal of the event was to dovetail private individuals, inventors, investors and partners from all over the world, in order to devise solutions to tackle the challenges caused by the coronavirus. 

One participant of the contest was a team comprised of students of CUB. During the forty-eight hours of the event they had to come up with a plan to deal with the challenges of the corona virus situation. The Project is listed under the name „Using Behavioural Science to Fight COVID-19 – Pandemic of Mind” and is available here

 „It was an everlasting experience for us to be able to represent CUB as the Hungarian team at EUvsVIRS 2020, also supported by the European Parliament” – said a member of the team. 

 2150 ideas from more than 20900 participants were submitted in subject areas such as health care, business continuity, distance education and distance work, social and political cohesion, and digital finance. The presentation of the CUB team is available here.

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