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Honoring our colleagues on Teachers’ Day

The honorary titles were awarded during an online ceremony on 17 June. Besides receiving prize money, a honorary certificate, a plaque and a gift will also be presented to the awardees in person.

Thus in 2020, the following colleagues received the award, please meet them:

Winners of the Lecturer of the Year Award

  • Gabriella Hartai, Language Instructor (Centre for Foreign Language Education and Research)
  • Dr. Zoltán Szabó, Associate Professor (Institute of Information Technology)
  • Barna Bakó, Associate Professor (Institute of Economics)
  • Dr. Ágnes Veszelszki, Associate Professor (Institute of Communication and Sociology, Department of Communication and Media Studies)
  • Andrea Mócsai Balázsné, Master Lecturer (Institute of Mathematics and Statistical Modelling, Department of Statistics)
  • Dr. Sándor Gallai, Associate Professor (Institute of International, Political and Regional Studies, Department of Political Sciences)
  • Dr. Viktória Endrődi-Kovács, Assistant Professor (Institute of International, Political and Regional Studies, Department of World Economy)
  • Dr. Péterné Székács, Assistant Professor (Institute of Finance, Accounting and Business Law, Department of Managerial Accounting)
  • Judit Nagy, Associate Professor (Institute of Business Economics, Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management)

Winners of Employee the of the Year Award

  • Erzsébet Rentkó managing expert (Rector’s Secretariat)
  • Diána Horváth, associate (Institute of Economic and Public Policy)
  • Robert Li, associate (Teacher Training and Digital Learning Centre)
  • Tamás Gombás, managing expert (Székesfehérvár Campus)
  • Gábor Gombár, associate (IT Service Centre)
  • Károlyné Kuszmann, associate (Finance/Expenditures)
  • Tímea Márta Majzik, managing expert (Payroll and Labour Affairs)
  • Gyuláné Turza, associate (Payroll and Labour Affairs)
  • Szilvia Csernus Csabáné, managing expert (Student Services) 
  • Gáborné Tornay, managing expert (Student Services)
  • Dóra Szakonyi, associate (International Relations and Accreditations)

We hereby warmly and sincerely congratulate the recipients of the awards! 

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