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Fake news: how to spot them?

The last few months were turbulent, to say the least, and this year seems to keep surprising us – not necessarily in a good way. Conspiracy theories around the deadly Covid-19 are abundant, and speculations about the health condition of one of the most infamous world leaders, Kim Jong Un, were ranging from death to perfect health until he appeared in, according to some journalists, “questionable footage”. That's why it is good to revise some basic rules when it comes to the news we digest. 

Fake news are a major issue all over the world – either used to generate more profit for a certain media company, or as a propaganda tool. Young people shall be aware of the credibility of what they are reading as the media is one of the things shaping our reality and our world views. 

News can reach us online in many ways – while scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even through memes, we don’t have to browse a specific website to find out something which happened minutes ago. So, what are the key things we shall keep in mind when we see a new piece of information labeled as “news”?

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