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Doctoral schools attract more applicants

The application for admissions period to the Corvinus Doctoral Schools has ended and saw an increase in applications of nearly 30% over the last year, owing among others to intense online communication. Founded by the Senate in 2017, the primary mission of Corvinus Doctoral Schools is to make sure that an ever higher share of students taking part in doctoral education earns a PhD degree and become successful actors of the Hungarian and international scientific scene by virtue of their competitive knowledge.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, as opposed to previous practice, this year applicants were requested to submit their applications to doctoral education electronically only. Also, the application deadline was extended to 4 May.  In view of the exceptional circumstances, the doctoral schools could share information with prospective students online only: they promoted their programmes through brochures and insights from doctoral students. An unconventional open day was also arranged online between 9 a.m. and noon during which it was possible to „meet” the students and representatives of the various doctoral schools. This was an opportunity to provide the relevant technical information, but also to share experience and impressions with regard to the PhD programmes.

Whereas in 2019, there were 89 candidates for the available 59 places funded through state scholarship, in 2020 the same figure is 114 candidates. In addition, 9 candidates have applied for self-funded places. The primary aim of the university’s communication efforts has been to equip talented prospective Corvinus doctoral students with all the necessary information on the programmes and on the admission procedure. The average age of this year’s applicants is 31, the youngest of them being 23, the oldest 61.

The majority of applicants (87%) was born in Hungary, but there are also candidates from Canada, China, Ghana, India, the Netherlands, Saudi-Arabia, Serbia, Turkey and the UK among them.

54% of the applicants have obtained a degree from Corvinus. The online entrance exams will be organized by the doctoral schools in the upcoming weeks. As for applicants through the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship programme, admissions have been finalized: out of the 180 candidates 51 students may start their PhD in one of the Corvinus Doctoral Schools from September.

We wish all success to the applicants in the entrance exams!  

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