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Corvinus provides a virtual home for the XXVII. EMOK Conference

The most prestigious Hungarian marketing scientific conference will be held between August 23 and 25, 2021, hosted by the Corvinus University of Budapest.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem 
Held in the shadow of Covid-19, the event “Post-Traumatic Marketing: Virtuality and Reality” focuses on redefined individual and corporate destinies, fragmented and reassembled thought frameworks and paradigms. It revolves around the main question of how marketing and its co-disciplines are able to recover from a trauma or operate under the influence of trauma, taking a big breath and taking up the gloves of challenges from dust or how they are able to reinterprets the colepsing walls of science communication.

This year’s conference of the Association for Marketing Education and Research is worth attending to anyone with knowledge and inexperience in sharing ideas, be a PhD student, lecturer, researcher, corporate professional who is happy to share his / her theoretical and practical results in sections, and for a professional exchange.

Participation is free for Corvinus faculty and doctoral students.

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