Széchenyi 2020
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Corvinus in social media

Today thanks to the great digital development, one click is enough to reach all the information we need, or keep in touch with one another. We celebrate this amazing innovation on 30th June, the Social Media Day.

Nowadays nearly everyone is online somehow, and has a profile on a social media site. We do, too. So we collected on which platforms you can find us:
  • If you want to see up-to-date infos and unique contents, follow us on Facebook!
  • If you want to take a look inside the exciting student life, check out our Instagram!
  • For professional informations, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn.
  • Want to know our latest news about researches, international issues and the university in general ASAP? Find us on Twitter!
  • If you’re a fan of beautiful pictures and cool infographics, our Pinterest is the right page for you!
  • If you love videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel!
Be a part of #CorvinUS in the social media, too.  ;)
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