Széchenyi 2020
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Changes from the second week of education

From week 2 onwards, the mode of delivery for several modules will change, as a consequence of changes in enrolment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to the number of students enrolled, and, especially in the case of the programmes offered in a language other than Hungarian, to the proportion of students who have been unable to enter Hungary, changes have had to be made to the lists of modules that are offered online or face-to-face, respectively. These changes have been noted both in the “comments” field in Neptun and in the module descriptions. We kindly ask you to consult these sources regarding the modules you are taking in the semester.

As a result of the changes outlined above, it may happen that an online and a face-to-face session follow one another in your schedules. For the cases when this should be causing difficulties in terms of commute, the University has assigned lecture rooms which are suitable for maintaining a safe physical distance between students while also allowing students to stream the live feeds. For this purpose, the following lecture rooms have been assigned:

  • E. Ground Floor Lecture Hall No. 2 (350 persons)
  • E.3.395 (40 persons)
  • C 428 (20 persons)
  • C 560 (20 persons)
  • C 652 (20 persons)
  • C 663 (20 persons)

Changes in the recording of online stream classes

Due to the changes in handling the recording of MS Teams online classes from September, the classes are not going to be recorded automatically. Lecturers of the online classes support the interpretation and better understanding by materials uploaded to Moodle. The online classes are held in closed Teams groups and will be not recorded. Online classes can be followed both from home and in the designated classrooms at the University.

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