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Change in the position of the Chancellor

Dr. Lívia Pavlik will leave her office as Chancellor of our University on 31 August 2020. With nearly six years of work as Chancellor she wrote herself into the history of the University: she managed successfully the financial consolidation of the University, she has taken a great number of forward-looking initiatives to improve the operation of the University. As Chancellor and Ministerial Commissioner she played a key role in the preparation and successful implementation of the transformation of the University. With the successful completion of this important stage within the life of the University, the Chancellor will have new tasks in Hungarian higher education based on her experience. Furthermore as an associate professor at the Institute of Finance, Accounting and Business Law she will remain a member of the Corvinus community. On behalf of the University Citizens, the leadership of the University would like to thank the Chancellor for her dedicated and fruitful work, which has always been aimed at the improvement of the University and wishes her great success to her further duties.

According to the decision of the Board of MUC Foundation the Chancellor of the University will be dr. Ákos Domahidi from 1 September 2020. Dr. Ákos Domahidi will arrive at our institution from Andrássy University, where he previously worked as Chancellor for ten years. Dr. Ákos Domahidi is going to join Corvinus community with great enthusiasm and is preparing to play a key role in the successful implementation of the next phase of the Corvinus Renewal Program, relying on his professional and managerial experience. Citizens of the University will be soon provided further and detailed information about our new Chancellor through internal communication channels.
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