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The second wave of the pandemic is just around the corner and most classes will start online. However, for now there is a certain amount of classes which will be in person. In the case of online classes, many students will use the library and other common spaces to study or attend their lectures. Attending classes and being in public spaces in general can be troublesome if you don’t take precautions and if you don’t follow the recommendations of WHO. That is why we have several tips for you whenever you decide to study in public spaces or you have to visit our university.

Sanitize your phone and laptop daily

We are sure that you’ve heard this many times: your phone is one of the dirtiest objects you come in contact with every day. Sadly, this is true but we cannot avoid touching our smartphones. With the astonishing amount of 25,127 bacteria per square inch, our phones beat even the toilet seat which comes with only 1,201 bacteria per square inch in comparison. And in such times like the coronavirus pandemic, it is good to know which items might be carrying around not only bacteria but also viruses. As we use our phones so frequently every single day, it is great to consider keeping them hygienic in order to stay safe. Cleaning up your screen and the back of the phone with some pure alcohol on a small piece of fabric is a great way to get rid of all germs, another option is also cleaning those up with good wet wipes. But it is not only your phone that you shall be concerned about – your keyboard might be just as dirty, as well as your bag’s zipper and your bank card. Make sure to clean those regularly as it is the best way to keep your hands germ and virus free.

Meet your friends outdoors in smaller groups

We are aware that you cannot stay away from your friends after such long awaiting, yet you must somehow implement safety measures, in order to be Covid-free. That is why we would recommend that you meet only a tiny cluster of very close friends who also are just as careful as you are in these turbulent times. Filter out your contacts and make sure to go out regularly only with a few people. Moreover, it is best if you meet in opened spaces or at less-crowded spots. Social-distance as much as possible but don’t be harsh on yourself, after all international students can only stick to each other and no one else in this period, so bond with your closest friends as a way of stress-relief. 

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