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Anthony Radev will be the president of the Corvinus University of Budapest

Following the American model, the position of the president of the university will be established at the Corvinus University of Budapest, the position will be filled by Anthony Radev, the former director of McKinsey & Company, - announced Zsolt Hernádi, president of the Maecanas Universitatis Corvini Foundation, at a staff meeting at Corvinus on Thursday.

In accordance with the recently adopted deed of foundation, the responsible leaders of the University will be the Rector, the Chancellor and, as a new member, the President. The governing body of the University remains the Senate; the Senate determines the teaching and research responsibilities of the University, and its president remains the Rector. The term of office of the current rector of the University, András Lánczi, has been extended by one year due to the force of law. The Chancellor is still responsible for the long-term sustainable economic operation of the university, and Lívia Pavlik will continue to perform the duties.

“Our more than 70-year-old university is undergoing renewal and we are now at a historic moment that will take place on 1 July. The goal is for Hungarian students not to have to go to foreign universities and that the first Hungarian Nobel Prize-winning economist should graduate from Corvinus,” - said András Lánczi, Rector of the Corvinus University of Budapest.

In order for Corvinus to be renewed, more things need to be managed at the highest level; a strategy must be drawn up, renewal must be managed, university relations must be built at international level, the quality of services provided to students must be improved, the alumni organisation must be operated and corporate relations must be developed. That is why an American-style university president will be created, which will be filled by Anthony Radev. The change was announced by Zsolt Hernádi, chairman of the board of the Maecenas Universitatis Corvini Foundation, which exercises the maintainer rights of the university, and emphasized that the goal is to make Corvinus one of the 100 best universities in Europe and 200 in the world in the long run.

"I took over the presidency of the Board of Trustees because it is a very good university, but I believe that even better can be created”, said Zsolt Hernádi. This has never happened before in Central and Eastern Europe, as it did with Corvinus, and it is difficult to find an example elsewhere when the state maintainer takes a similar step. Zsolt Hernádi emphasized: from 1 July, it depends on us to make the university even better. "It will be different because we create a performance-based value system and increase our competitiveness. We need to change and be better than anyone else”, he said. "We are determined to provide the best business, economic and social science training in Central Europe."

Anthony Radev graduated from Corvinus University’s legal predecessor and then served as director of McKinsey & Company for twenty-two years. He led the McKinsey Financial Institutions Working Group in Eastern Europe, and was one of the founders of the Eastern European office in 1993. In the decade and a half that followed, he personally opened the company's offices in Zagreb, Sofia and Bucharest in Budapest. He has been involved in a number of projects in almost all sectors of the economy and in the public sector, from various financial institutions, to the service sector, to several industrial companies, and also played a role in education. Since 2014, he has been the founding director of the Seed Business School and leadership training in Budapest. Anthony Radev has been a guest speaker at several leading European business schools and economics universities in recent decades, focusing on strategy and leadership training. He was previously a consultant to the predecessor of the Corvinus MBA Center, the Corvinus School of Management and the High School for Finance in Sofia. Since November 2018, he has been a member of the Advisory Board supporting the Project Organisation responsible for the content renewal of Corvinus.

Introduction by Anthony Radev

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