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Academic year kick-off at Corvinus

Mandatory mask wearing and protective distancing everywhere, daily temperature checks in dormitories and at sports classes. Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the Corvinus Presidency decided on further tightening measures. Hybrid education will continue yet students will be able to enter university buildings and dormitories under stricter conditions. We’ve collected what you need to pay attention to during the autumn semester.

Please read the current rules carefully and follow them for the benefit of our community! The university strives to be able to hold as many lessons as possible in person, which is more advantageous from an educational methodological point of view, but this also requires your participation.

If you experience any symptoms, please consult a doctor, the university is not authorised to provide medical advice.

From 7 September 2020, a medical assistance service will be available in room 79 of the main university building from 8.00 to 16.00. You can contact the medical assistant if you experience symptoms for the first time while you are at the university and wish to request help in assessing your condition, as well as help with what to do in such a case. The continuously available medical assistant may, if necessary, call out a doctor, but this does not replace the GP service; so basically everyone should see their own doctor, while we reserve this opportunity for situations that arise unexpectedly and require immediate treatment.

If you are unable to come to the university due to a coronavirus infection or official quarantine, or because you are involved in a coronavirus contact research, you can report it as a student via email sent to

As a university staff member, please notify the line manager first and attach the above-mentioned e-mail address to your message!

What to do in case of COVID-19 infection or its’ suspicion and following the course of education in quarantine

Our students who cannot attend university education due to confirmed or suspected coronavirus infection or due to being in official quarantine, and those who are involved in coronavirus contact tracing; are supposed to report the above towards the University at e-mail.

Precaution for students returning to Hungary for the prevention of COVID-19 infection

Our students returning from abroad are asked not to visit the University building and classes for 14 days after their arrival, regardless of the date of entry into Hungary, thus helping our defense against the spread of COVID-19. This decision of the University has been made on the basis of the guidelines of the industry leader in order to protect the health of the University Citizenship as much as possible in this situation.

After 14 days, if they do not experience any symptoms, the University welcomes all its dear students according to their timetable.

The above measure is justified by the repeated intensification of the epidemic, and we ask for our students’ cooperation in order to protect all our students and colleagues and the uninterrupted operation of our University.

In addition to the above, we ask our students to report the fact of their absence at We also would like to inform our students that for the duration of their absence, in case they cannot access online education (Hungarian courses), they are supposed to contact their instructors directly in person (via Neptun / e-mail / Microsoft TEAMS) and discuss about the supplementation and their duties in person; this way they will be able to follow the course of education.

Wearing a mask and a protective distancing of one and a half metres will be mandatory everywhere

Throughout the entire university, in enclosed spaces, masks will be mandatory for students, teachers, and all university staff. A protective distance of one and a half metres must be maintained in and outside classrooms, including cafeterias and vending machines.

From September, only courses for up to 40 people will be held in person, over 40 people all lessons will be delivered online. In case of those students who are admitted to the university and participate in foreign language education but they are unable to travel to Hungary, the education for them will be provided online. In offline lessons institutes and supervisors may use different methods, so groups may be broken up with alternating online and offline weeks. In addition, instructors should make all educational materials available online even if the lesson will be held in the classroom.

Frequently affected surfaces are disinfected by cleaners at least every two hours, which involves wiping classroom door handles, teacher desks, and other surfaces during breaks. The air conditioners have already been cleaned in the summer and this will be done again after the summer period. University citizens are asked to avoid the use of air conditioners if possible, and if this is not possible due to the weather, frequent or even parallel ventilation is recommended.

Daily temperature checks and questionnaire in dormitories

Students can only enter the dormitory after a preliminary temperature check, which is why automatic body temperature meters are placed at the entrances. In addition, it will be mandatory to complete a risk assessment questionnaire on a daily basis, which will be available in Neptun, among the applications.

Above a body temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius, or in case of other risk factors, the student will be isolated at the moment of detection, then they must collect their essential personal belongings in personal protective clothing and leave the dormitory to their address or place of residence in Hungary, while Hungarians from abroad must move to the address stated in their admission declaration. You should inform your GP immediately of any symptoms.

If this cannot be done immediately due to circumstances (e.g. at night), the dormitories will provide the student accommodation in a room reserved for segregation for up to 24 hours, which will then be disinfected with an ozone generator.

It is important that the residents of the dormitories are not allowed to receive guests, they will be informed about this when submitting the admission application.

The dormitories operate at full capacity from September, however, the University can only accommodate students who can move to a place of residence or stay in Hungary if the dormitory closes or they experience symptoms of Covid-19 infection. Accordingly, only students residing in Hungary can be admitted in the dormitory. Hungarian students from abroad may be admitted only if they prove in a formal declaration that they can move elsewhere within 24 hours if necessary. This is confirmed by the owner/lessor/user of the given property in Hungary.

Hungarian students from abroad and Hungarians from the surrounding countries can only move in if they have fulfilled their current quarantine obligations, as no segregated accommodation is available in the dormitories. International students cannot be accommodated in a dormitory, they will be provided with distance learning.

Following the course of education in case of quarantine

Those students who are in quarantine (due to infection or contact tracing) and cannot access online education (Hungarian courses) are supposed to contact their instructors directly in person (via Neptun / e-mail / Microsoft TEAMS) and discuss about the supplementation and their duties in person; this way they will be able to follow the course of education.

The above measures are justified by the repeated intensification of the epidemic, and we ask for our students’ cooperation in order to protect all our students and colleagues and the uninterrupted operation of our University.

Stricter rules for examinations and sports lessons

An important tightening measure is that body temperature measurement will be mandatory before each examination taken in person, and students will also be required to complete a risk questionnaire. In case of fever or a risk factor, the student may not participate in the examination.

The mandatory questionnaire will be available through Neptune and the temperature check will be performed by the university. During personal reports scheduled until the next exam period, such as language exams starting next week, manual thermometers will be used for check temperature in addition to the questionnaires.

It will also be mandatory to check the temperature and complete a risk questionnaire before sports lessons, and students will only be able to participate in the lessons if they prove healthy on the basis of these. In addition, the use of all sports areas will be prohibited without teacher supervision.

In addition, students must also complete a risk questionnaire prior to enrolment or registration, stating whether they have been abroad or have been in contact with an infected person. Only then can they register the subjects and start their studies at the university.

Student administration will remain online

Student administration still remains primarily online, so we ask our students to send their requests and questions to in the case of Hungarian language training, and to in the case of non-Hungarian language training from their university e-mail addresses ( Personal administration may be conducted during the opening hours, based on previously agreed appointments. You can read more about the opening hours of the administration service on the website.

First-year students must present their personal documents for enrolment which will take place according to a schedule. If a student is quarantined due to actual or suspected COVID-19 infection, they can also complete enrolment and paperwork online. In this case, you must also present the documents in person by 30 September.

The library will continue to be available for Corvinus citizens

Reading rooms and book rentals will also be available for university citizens in Budapest and Székesfehérvár from September. Those who are not university citizens but have already enrolled in the library can take out books based on an appointment. However, the library cannot accept new, external enrollers. (Of course, university students can still enrol.)

Over forty people events will also be cancelled

The management of the University postponed indefinitely all events where the number of participants was expected to be over forty and would have been organized in Corvinus buildings or by Corvinus at an external venue. However, in the case of a high-priority event, the Presidency may decide to allow it in accordance with the current official rules.

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