Széchenyi 2020
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A side note on the Research Week

The COVID-19 pandemic restructured the framework of not just education but also scientific life at the university. The now-traditional Research Week was organized online this time, but remained just as popular without the personal contacts.

The not-so-long-established Research Week was held with a renewed organizational team and in an unorthodox format. The coronavirus had re-written the original plans, challenging the organizers. Thanks to the efforts of Éva Bordás-Tóth, Nóra Fazekas, Gabriella Kiss and Réka Matolay, as well as the advertising work of the members of the now dissolved Faculty Research Committee, the 24 online programs of the five-day event attracted about five hundred participants.

Among the most popular events were the talks titled Research Issues, Future Paths, Crisis Management in Tourism and Publications in International Accrediting. These were attended by more than one third of the participants of the Research Week.

Although the highlight of the event, the Reception, missed personal contact, organizers regard the Research Week as a positive experience and wish to repeat it every January and June.

The organizing staff of the Research Management Office have drawn the conclusion that, based on the success this year, some of the events of the upcoming winter Research Week will be held online. 

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