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Frequently Asked Questions

What about national scholarships in the new environment (e.g. National Higher Education, ÚNKP)?

The terms and conditions of application for these scholarships are set forth in the National Higher Education Act and the relevant implementing decrees. The University aims to enable prospective students to continue to apply for these scholarships, regardless of the form of financing.  For the institution as a whole, the reformed Corvinus will continue to be eligible for state and Community (EU) funding, in particular for special scholarship programmes (e.g., the Stipendium Hungaricum programme) and funding to support scientific research.

To what extent do the changes affect our students admitted before 1 July 2019?

All current students complete the training and curriculum in which they began their studies. The Corvinus reform process does not affect our current students in relation to scholarships, either. They can complete their studies unchanged, under the conditions under which they began their education. The funding status of state scholarship holders will continue to exist, along with the related financial benefits (study grants, social benefits, etc.).

How does this affect the lives of university citizens?

Diversity and activity are practically identifiable with ‘Közgáz’, and the freedom of university life remains guaranteed by student organisations and the student union. In addition to free education we are also working to expand our talent management programmes.

How does this affect the operation of the university?

Dimension switching provides a more liberal and flexible system of operation. As of 1 July 2019, our university has been funded by a foundation established by the state for this purpose. The new model implements a predictable set of financing and management rules over the long term, creating a more flexible framework for collaboration with market and corporate environments. All this provides more stimulating employment opportunities.

What does Corvinus 2030 mean?

With its business and social science education our university is in the leading position in Central Europe and by 2030, we aim to become one of the world's top 200 and Europe's top 100 universities. Our goal is to build a true international institution with a number of English-language training programmes, with foreign students; in collaboration with leading researchers and partners.

What does the HÖK answer function mean and what can I use it for?

By clicking on the HÖK answer button a pop-up window will be displayed, where you can send messages to the Student Union directly. Within the pop-up window, you can select a subject (to which the message is related) from the drop-down menu, but you must enter your full name, e-mail address (the CUSMAN ID will be filled in automatically) and the text of the message. When you click on the Send button the system will send the message to HÖK. By clicking the "Frequently Asked Questions" icon in the text of the pop-up window you will reach the HÖK FAQ.

How do I sign in?

Enter your CUSMAN username and password by clicking the sign in icon in the top right corner of the website.

What is Közgáz Year-End Festival?
It is the summer kick-off festival in Alsóörs, organised by Corvinus in cooperation with EFOTT Kft. You can find out more about the event on the Közgáz Year-End Festival Facebook page.
What parties are there for Corvinus students?

Follow the Corvin Nights website, to relieve the stress of university life with your friends, including your non-Corvinus student friends, at the parties organised by us. 

What are the catering options at and around the University?

Buildings C and E have a snack bar with a wide selection of sandwiches and snacks. In addition, 39 Studium Self Service Restaurant and Cafe is directly by Building C, at 2-10 Czuczor utca.

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