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ELTE PPK Szociálpszichológia MA szakirány 2021. május 6 

„Változó világ, változó társadalom” 



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The members of the Institute of World Economy are participating in the following projects:


FATIGUE is the project of six universities, aiming to explain and interpret the transition fatigue of post-Communist societies, as well as interpret and explain this delayed swing in the direction of right-wing populism, by studying four interrelated phenomena:

  • Social, economic, and cultural “costs” of post-communist transformations, including low levels of trust in the elites and democratic institutions as well as still feeble legal cultures
  • The increased susceptibility of certain segments of CEE populations to discourses that emphasise transformational failures rather than successes.
  • The strengthening of political forces and entrepreneurs espousing illiberal discourses and forming populist organizations and movements.
  • The composition, strategies, and relative strength/weakness of parties and actors who support liberal and ‘cosmopolitan’ political platforms and cultural programmes.


The aim of POPREBEL is to take stock of the recent rise of populism – in its various forms – in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), including the Western Balkans.Its trajectory is not just interesting in and of itself: it is also the harbinger of a possible future for the continent as a whole. It is urgent for West Europeans to look into the CEE mirror, just as it is urgent for the CEE region to understand itself. We describe the phenomenon, create a typology of its various manifestations, reconstruct trajectories of its growth and decline, investigate its causes, interpret its meanings, diagnose its consequences and propose policy solutions. Our focus is on the CEE region but we will engage in comparisons with populisms in other parts of the world, particularly Western Europe.  

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