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27.03.2017 15:22 Age: 93 days

People Management and Motivation at the Workplace with a ​special ​focus on Generation Y and Z

Miklós Poós is a corporate trainer, OD expert, MA in Economics,

Miklós Poós (poosmiklos.hu/ind<wbr></wbr>ex.php) is a corporate trainer, OD expert, MA in Economics, mental health professional, keynote speaker and a Unitivetm Life Coach. Miklos is CEO of KANOA Group (www.kanoagroup.com), a market-leading people development organisation covering the Central and Eastern Europe region. He is a successful entrepreneur and strategist who has worked as a business consultant for 20 years with Senior Management of top organisations such as Porsche, Danone, AXA, Microsoft, ACCOR Hotels, Masterfoods, Wizz Air, GlaxoSmithKline, SGS, Siemens to name a few. His people development experience has led him to work with top leaders in several countries and continents. Miklós is a very interesting, multi talent person.​

Registration: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13h4zTCwNQyk7xrsNlAJy6AHJEcrRAdF7CsRDP9q3uMc/edit#gid=0

Location: Building "C" VII.

Date: 2017.04.06. 13:40-15:10

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