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Zsuzsanna Győri

Zsuzsanna Győri

teaches courses on Business Ethics, Responsible and Sustainable Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Budapest Business School as associate professor. She obtained her PhD in economics at Corvinus University of Budapest in 2011. Her research fields include business ethics, corporate social responsibility, sustainability in higher education, values-based banking, as well as values-driven business and entrepreneurship. Besides her theoretical interests, as a consultant she researches new forms of the realization of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Email:

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Borbála Benedek, Zsuzsanna Győri: Motivations and opportunities of debt settlement as banking activity in Hungary

A certain form of values-based banking is about the financial inclusion of the poor. These initiatives enable marginalised people to enhance their dignity, self-respect and social recognition. Inclusive banks develop capacities to make decisions and implement them, reduce their dependence on the elite, and become increasingly self-reliant over time. Beside other initiatives debt settlement by values-based banks or other service providers is an important form of financial inclusion. Nevertheless, over-indebtedness of impoverished households and its relevance to the financial inclusion is not emphasized enough in literature and in practice. We would like to present
- the activities of Bagázs, a Hungarian NGO and the situation of its indebted clients,
- one of the leading Hungarian banks, a member of Global Alliance of Banking on Values, and
- a planned debt settlement programme in cooperation between the organisations.
Our case is quite complex as our purpose is to go beyond just quantitative results and understand the behavioural conditions and motivations of the different stakeholders within the specific context.

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