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Mission Statement - Research

Our mission in research:

  • The integrated study of economic, social and environmental structures (geographic synthesis)
  • Addressing spatial and sustainability aspects
  • Providing support for policy-making, mainly through public planning evaluation and impact assessments
  • Serving the development and sustainability of socio-economic structures
  • Studying the methodological and labour market aspects of our teaching portfolio

The main areas of our research activities:


Economic geography and geopolitics

  • Assessing the Effect of geopolitical processes on Hungary
  • The New Silk Road
  • National strategies: The geo-strategies of Hungary and Central Europe, Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin

Planning development and urban studies

  • Development policy
  • EFOP 3.6.1
  • Regional planning, international theories of planning and development
  • Urban studies
  • Rural development
  • Future studies

Sustainability and environmental economics

  • Environmental economics
  • OTKA
  • research centre for social futuring
  • Locally focused economic development
  • Urban sustainability




The main goals of our scientific work

  • Applying interdisciplinary approaches, integrating a broad range of social and environmental sciences through a geographic lens
  • Conducting research that may serve as a basis for policymaking and public planning
  • Presence at international scientific fora
  • Participating in the organisation of national scientific fora
  • Methodological and labour market research related to public planning in higher education

STRAtegies and planning at various GeOgraphic Scales (STRAGOS)

The role of space, in relation to the structure of the economy, the use of the Earth’s resources and the functioning of society, is changing. The importance of spatial units determined by policy and regulatory frameworks is reduced relative to nodal and network spaces.

The first phase of STRAGOS focuses on the European dynamics of the institutionalised forms of spatial planning, notably the effect of European integration on the regional planning and management systems falling under the competency of the Member States.

The project is carried out with the participation of our MA students.

Source of funding: Hungarian National Bank

Duration: March – July 2017 (Phase 1)

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