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Ph.D. courses

Communication Development
Course leader: Péter Juhász

PhD students face many types of communication challenges. Not only they have to publish articles and hand in papers but often they take part at creating learning resources, literature reviews and evaluating thesis papers. At the same time tehy have to hold presentations of different length and dedicated to various audiences not only in Hungarian but also in English and other foreign languages. The aim of this course is to help with these tasks by developing written and oral skills of the participants. The training takes up in ideal case seven double classes so that all students could hold a presentation each time.

Course description

Corporate Finance I.
Course leader: Péter Juhász

The main aim of the course is to give an overview of corporate finance to PhD students not specialised in Finance so to build a strong financial background to researches made in any fields of business administration.

Course description

Corporate Finance II.
Course leader: Edina Berlinger

Course description

Quantitative Finance
Course leader: János Száz

Flow of funds; Polak modell; Asset pricing - exotic options, warrants, convertible bonds, real options, swaps by using numerical methods like binomial and trinomial trees, finite differencies; Hedging and spectulation strategies in case of more risk factors; Interest rate risk, yield curve modelling, Hull-White, Heath-Jarrow-Morton models; Pricing of non-traded assets; Foreign exchange products, quantos; Correlation and volatility trading; Simulation of corporate capital need.

Course description

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