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Welcome on the webpage of the Futures Studies Department at the Corvinus University of Budapest.

The mission of the department is the cultivation, education of futures studies and the enhance the practical adaptation of the scientific results. The scientific research is framed by the educational tasks and the scientific innovation.

The department is having educational tasks in all levels of the university. We can happily notify that a PhD specialisation on futures studies has started within the Doctorate School of Information Economics.

The main goals of the department are summarised in the next three points:

In education the improvement of future orientation and the analysing and forecasting competences, moreover the qualification of forecasting experts at BA/BSc, MA/MSc and PhD level.

In research the development of theoretical-methodological basements of futures studies, and the improvement of the theoretical-methodological and methodological-practical knowledge of the societal-economic forecasting.

From practical aspects the contribution to answer the long-range questions about the critical and threatening societal-economic situation, to harmonise the societal, economic, technological, ecological aspects of transition, and to help decision makers with research on the future.

Utolsó frissítés: 2019.03.11.

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