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Imre Kondor

is faculty member of the Parmenides Foundation, Pullach b. Munich, external faculty of the London Mathematical Laboratory and the Complexity Science Hub, Vienna, and  honorary professor of finance at Corvinus University of Budapest. In 1988-2011 he was professor of physics at the Department of the Physics of Complex Systems, Eötvös University, Budapest. In 1992 he founded Bolyai College, a school of excellence, from 1998 to 2002 he was the head of the Department of Market Risk Research at Raiffeisen Bank. In 2002-2008 he was the rector of Collegium Budapest – Institute for Advanced Study. He holds a PhD and DSc, three academic and two government prizes. He has published 85 papers, 2 books and one e-volume. He is coeditor of Fractals, JSTAT, and was review editor of Journal of Banking and Finance. His research experience includes the theory of condensed Bose systems, critical phenomena, random systems and spin glasses, and, presently, the application of statistical physics methods to problems in economics and finance (especially the theory of portfolios, risk management and regulation). Professor Kondor organized about 20 international conferences and served as chairman or member on various grant committees and science policy making bodies.

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