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04/03 2020

Summary of Deirdre Pfeiffer's GeoLectures presentation

Deirdre Pfeiffer's GeoLectures presentation was held successfully and with great interest. The topic of the presentation was "Housing flexibility" in the context of well-being and American suburbs. Below are some pictures of the event, as well as an English summary of one of our foreign regional economics students by clicking the link below.

English language summary


28/10 2019

Our master is among the world's best programs!

We are proud to announce, that according to a recently published world ranking of Eduniversal, our master program in Regional and Environmental Economics was ranked 36th in Sustainable Development and Environmental Management related study programs.

Further information about the ranking: https://www.best-masters.com


18/02 2020

Deirdre Pfeiffer will be our next lecturer at GeoLectures

02/11 2019

Bernadette Hanlon's lecture in the GeoLectures series on 7th november

30/10 2019

New GeoLectures on 11 november


12/03 2019

New GeoLectures event on 19th march

Co-organised by GeoLectures and Enocomania.

Registration: info.mnbtansz(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu


25/02 2019

New GeoLectures on 27th February with a book launch event

The book launch event of the Hungarian edition of James L. Gelvin's book, organised by the GEO Institute, supported by PABOOKS, PAIGEO and MNB.


23/01 2019

Regional and Environmental Economics MSc Information Event, 11th February, 2019

Regional and Environmental Economics MSc

Information Event

Date: 11th February, 2019 (Monday)

Venue: 1093 Budapest, Közraktár street 4-6. (new CUB building), 5th floor, lecture room 510

We kindly ask you to register for the event!

Registration form



08/02 2019

Roger Keil will be the lecturer on the next GeoLectures event on 20th February

For further information please click on the picture!


08/02 2019

On 13th February Andrew Sheng will be our lecturer on the next GeoLectures event

For further information please click on the picture!


George Friedman is a visiting professor at the Geo Institute in the autumn semester


In the fall semester of 2018-2019, George Friedman participates as a guest professor in the GEO Institute. The world-renowned professor holds the PhD course Theoretical Foundations of Geopolitics as part of the Geopolitics sub-program where students can learn the basics of geopolitics and the methodology of forecasting and analysis. During the semester, our guest professor will also hold a lecture for the broader academic audience. This event of the Institute as part of the GeoLectures series is expected to take place in November on the topic of geopolitics and Hungary. All university students and lecturers are welcome at this event.

George Friedman is a geopolitical thinker and analyst who was born in Hungary, now living in the United States. He is the author of many professional books. He is the founder of Stratfor geopolitical thinktank and Geopolitical Futures analyst company. His famous books The Next 100 Years, The Next Decade and Flashpoint were published recently in hungarian language by Pallas Athéne Innovation and Geopolitical Foundation (PAIGEO). His presence at the University is organized by the Corvinus Institute of Advanced Studies.

06/11 2018

George Friedman will be the lecturer of the next GeoLectures event at 26 November

Dear Guests!
Due to the great interest we closed the registration to the event. Depending on released seats the registration will be reopened on Monday.
Thank you for your understanding!


Dear Guests!

George Friedman, an internationally recognized geopolitical thinker will be the next lecturer of the GeoLectures series. He is a visiting professor at our Institute in the autumn semester.

The date of the event is 26 November, Monday, 15:30-17:00.
Location: BCE building "C", auditorium V-VI.

Participation is free but subject to registration.  Registration is now closed. Depending on released seats registration will be reopened on Monday. To reach the registration form please follow this link or click on the picture below.


06/11 2018

VIIIth Hungarian (Jubilee) Futures Research Conference

Dear Guests!

The VIIIth Hungarian (Jubilee) Futures Research Conference of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences will take place on 14-15th November 2018. This conference also celebrates the 50 years of Hungarian futures research with several thematic panels. The event is sponsored by the World Futures Studies Federation and CUB GEO Institute.

Venue: Main Auditorium of the Research House of Human Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Kálmán Tóth str. 4., Budapest – 1097)

For the conference program please click on the picture below!



30/10 2018

Eric Overland, President of the World Futures Studies Federation will be our next lecturer in GeoLectures series

08/07 2018

Miniconference with internationally recognized professionals

Future of the EU Cohesion Policy - Development policy and Rural Development prospects after 2020

(language of the event was Hungarian)

22 / 5 / 2018

The miniconference called Future of the EU Cohesion Policywas held on May 22nd 2018  at Corvinus University of Budapest, as a GeoLectures event of the Geo Institute. The future of the EU Cohesion Policy and related EU rural development approaches were also discussed.

The participating speakers and discussion partners are renowned and highly experienced experts from Brussels to Budapest. The moderator of the conference was Márton Péti, the main planner of the EU development period 2014-20 for Hungary, the director of our institute.

Presentations and professional materials from presenters and discussion partners are available for download at (in Hungarian language):



22/06 2018

Our students were successful in ECTP's Young Planners Workshop

Our students, Boglárka Pécsi, Vara Bálint and Melinda Madarász participated at the Young Planners Workshop of the European Council of Spatial Planners this year, dealing with the topic of "Airports, Cities and Urban Development", the relationship between airports and metropolises. The team has worked in the field of "Smart Mobility", the title of their study is as follows:

From zero to hero: Re-thinking the current situation and how smart ways of public transport from the metropolitan area to the BUD airport can be improved

During the course of the work they presented the current situation and future development possibilities of the transport accessibility of Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport (BUD). To do this, they prepared a questionnaire for passengers as well as two interviews with Dávid Vitézy and BKK.

They participated in two video calls and at the end an international conference was held in Paris, at the Maison de l'Environnement building next to Charles de Gaulle Airport, on May 18th. There they did a 10-15 minutes presentation. In the end, a shorter evaluation and conversation took place. The completed studies will be published in e-book format.

The team: Boglárka Pécsi, Bálint Vara, Melinda Madarász (left to right)

The team with Ignatio Peman (president of ECTP elnök) and Géza Salamin (hungarian member of ECTP)

19/02 2018

SPACES CROSSING BORDERS Conference in May 2018!

IN BUDAPEST, 23-24 MAY, 2018

We are happy to announce the forthcoming conference organised by the Corvinus University of Budapest in collaboration with the European Council of Spatial Planners (ECTP-CEU) and the Hungarian Society for Urban Planning.

  • International conference with specific focus on Central and Eastern Europe
  • Plenary sessions, workshops and on-site sessions
  • Paper proposals from different disciplines are invited
  • Publication of full papers in the Conference Proceedings
  • Venue in the very centre of Budapest

The on-site session will be in Törökbálint (important suburbanisation location).




Further informations can be found on the Conference websiteTo register to the conference, please click here, or visit the "SCB CONFERENCE" menu on this website.

By clicking on the picture below you can find the call for papers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: geo.intezet@uni-corvinus.hu.

We are looking forward to meet in May!

08/05 2018

Belt and Road Conference, 15th May

Dear Guests!

Pallas Athene Innovation and Geopolitical Foundation (PAIGEO) would like to invite you to the Belt and Road Forum.

Our conference this year will focus on the following questions:

  • Can the European Union find its place in the Belt and Road Initiative?
  • Will new economic and trade hubs emerge in the former periphery of the major economic centres, like Kazakhstan?
  • Will the new transport corridors basically transform the connectivity between Europe and Asia?

The conference will be held on 15th May 2018, Tuesday (08:30-17:00)

Conference venue: Gerbeaud House - 1051 Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7-8.

The working language of the conference is English. Participation is open and free, but is subject to registration.

Please confirm your registration by 12 May, Saturday




18/04 2018

New GeoLectures with Prof. John Morelli

Dear Guests!

We are inviting you to our new GeoLectures series event which will be held on 19 April at CUB. Our guest lecturer will be Prof. John Morelli from Rochester Institute of Technology (USA).  


  • 13:40-15:00 - Environmental management I. (lecture)
  • 15:15-16:30 - Environmental management II. (lecture)
  • 16:45-17:45 - Panel discussion (John Morelli with Sándor Kerekes, Ágnes Zsóka (CUB), Gyula Zilahy (BIT))

The lecture is free, no registration needed.

26/03 2018

"Minority Safepack" European Citizens' Initiative

Dear Guests!

On April 4 2018 the deadline to sign the „Minority Safepack” European Citizens' Initiative expires. In the case of one million signatures, a procedure will be launched, which could make this an EU affair for the protection of indigenous national minorities. It may even appear in the Cohesion Policy. All this is in the interest of Hungarian national minorities and foreign Hungarians. But still more signatures re needed. Anyone who agrees has the opportunity to sign it even electronically: http://www.minority-safepack.eu/

23/03 2018

The new issue of Kovász journal was published!

Kedves Érdeklődők!

The new issue (2017/1-4) of the scientific journal Kovász is now available on the Internet. Previous issues are also available on the website. The journal is in hungarian.

Website: kovasz.uni-corvinus.hu


01/03 2018

Public Consultation of the Climate Strategy of Budapest

Tomorrow, March 2, 2018, the public consultation of the draft Climate Strategy of Budapest ends.


From our Institute, Márton Péti, Judit Gossler and Anett Dékány, as members of the Climate Platform of Budapest, represented CUB in the project and supported the planning. Everyone is encouraged to see and give remarks and recommendations on this interesting material.

Further information: http://budapest.hu/Lapok/2018/tarsadalmi-egyeztetes-budapest-klimastrategiajarol.aspx

Remarksand recommendations can be sent to klimaplatform@budapest.hu.

13/02 2018

Your Money or Your Time? - Our lecturers' new article is published


Dear Guests!

The article of Tamás Kocsis and Zsuzsanna Szerényi Marjainé is published in the Hungarian Science magazine. Do we sacrifice our money or rather our time to preserve an environmental value? If we reverse the question: when it comes to charging our own costs to others, when do we do it easier: if we express the transferred costs in money or rather in time? We answer the latter question by the analysis of the answers of students of the Corvinus University of Budapest. The language of the article is Hungarian!

09/02 2018

Photos of the New Silk Road Conference

Dear Guests!

By clicking on the picture below you can see the photo album of  "Újra fókuszban az Óvilág! - Az Új Selyemút kínai kezdeményezés kutatása a Budapesti Corvinus Egyetemen!” (“Focusing on the Old World Again - Researching the New Silk Road Initiative at the Corvinus University of Budapest!"). As we reported earlier, the event, held on January 19, took place with great interest, and at this event, the Institute presented its two new booklets, Geostrategic and Geographic Dimensions of the New Silk Road Economic Zone (its language is Hungarian) and Political Systems in South and East Asia

02/02 2018

Award for our colleague István Tózsa PhD and for his students

Dear Guests!

At the Ministry of Agriculture, on January 26, 2018, twenty BSc students of the Corvinus University were awarded for the creative business model of a mobile application made for the Z generation. István Tózsa PhD is the leader of the course "Hungaricums and Hungarian Heritage Planning", focuses on marketing aspects and local capital attractiveness essential for the preservation of Hungarian national values, and on the other hand, by organizing the natural, economic and cultural and traditional values related to Hungarians, it supports patriotism in higher education.

Congratulations for the award!

14/01 2018

40 days in Csíkszereda - report on the mentor program

Dear Guests!


You can read the report on the mentor program launched in 2017 written by Zoltán Megyesi who is our student in our Hungarian MA program. The mentor program took place in Csíkszereda and gave the opportunity to put the acquired knowledge into practice. You can access this report by clicking on this link.


22/12 2017

Christmas Holiday


The lecturers and staff of the Institute of Geography, Geoeconomy & Sustainable Development


10/12 2017

Andreas Faludi visited the Geo Institute

On November 24, 2017 Andreas Faludi, the world-renowned specialist in European spatial and urban planning and research professor of Delft University of Technology visited our Institute. With his work, The Planning Theory published in 1973 he became a major figure of planning theory. He is one of the creators of the European Spatial Development Perspectives (ESDP) adopted in 1999 by the members of the European Union and he is still one of the major researchers of European scale spatial strategies and European planning systems.

We discussed with the professor the experiences of cross-border and European planning and we consulted on the experiences and effects of the Territorial Agenda of the European Union created under the professional coordination of our colleague Géza Salamin and adopted under the Hungarian EU presidency. Later we discussed the areas of future cooperation. In the afternoon professor Faludi opposed the partial results of the research on the transformation of European planning systems in a consultation with Géza Salamin.

As a farewell he said:

It is fascinating how much experience and knowledge there is on the topic of international spatial planning here in Hungary, in this workshop. It is less known in Western Europe and it would be worth to display it.

22/11 2017

Geopolitical Conference with the Participation of our Colleagues

Pallas Athéné Geopolitical Foundation (PAGEO) organizes the The New World Order conference on international geopolitics, with the participation of our staff members.

Date of the conference:
29th November, 9:00 - 17:00.

Gerbeaud Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7-8.

Participation is free of charge but registration is needed. For registration please click here.

For the conference program please click here.

13/11 2017

Five-day fieldwork in the Encs district

In the spring semester in 2018, a five-day economic geography and village research fieldwork will be held in the Encs district organized by Ágnes Varga and László Jeney Dr. We are awaiting students from Regional and Environmental Economics MSc, Sociology BA Regional and Settlement Development specialization, International Studies BA Geopolitics specialization and Rural Development Engineering BSc (third year). Fieldwork will be held between May 10 and 20, 2018 (more accurate date is expected in the next semester).

The fieldwork will be held in one of the most disadvantaged districts of Hungary. Participants will meet local actors such as majors, local development experts and entrepreneurs. We will gain insight into the current local developments and the operation of local organizations, and we will learn more about the opportunities and difficulties of peripheral regions. We will talk and share our experiences in the evenings, but of course entertainment and good mood are also part of the event.

For further information please contact Ágnes Varga (varga.agnes(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu).

Best wishes,
Ágnes Varga and László Jeney Dr.

03/11 2017


Dear Colleagues and Students,

let us offer you the following lectures. Further information is on the poster below.
The lecture starts at 12 o'clock on the 10th November in the lecture hall No2, Building S.

Please disseminate the event among your student fellows as well, thank you!

Best regards,

Geo Institute



09/11 2017

International Conference Participation

Our colleague Márton Péti held his plenary lecture at International Scientific Conference on the occasion of the Hungarian Science Days in Sopron on 9th November in Sopron. The title of the conference was GEOPOLITICAL STRATEGIES IN CENTRAL EUROPE.

Further information

Conference Programe and Sessions

03/11 2017

Mentor Programme in the academic year 2017/2018

Dear Students,

After the successful launching our Mentor Programme we are planning to offer this opportunity to you in this academic year as well.

We announce the details soon, in the meantime enjoy the photos from the travelogue of the participants from last year.

Best regards,

Geo Institute









03/11 2017

Research results

Dear Guests,

we are happy to inform you about the latest results of the ongoing 'OKTA' research at our Instituttion. By clicking here you can reach the researche outcomes by our colleagues Zsuzsanna Marjainé Szerényi, Sándor Kerekes and Tamás Kocsis.

Best regards, 

Geo Institute

03/10 2017


Three Alumni of our Intitution received their 'Iron Degrees' on the 28th September, which means that they finished their university studies 65 years ago.

Professor Tivadar Bernáth and Professor Gyula Gyula led our Institution for a while. Kóródi József PhD had leader occupations in the state administration as public planner.

Their students - our current colleagues - and the directorate of the Geo Intitute welcomed our Alumni students. 

Congratulation to our Alumni students!


Gyula Bora, József Kóródi and Tivadar Bernáth


Leaders of our Institution - then and now


Masters and Students


03/10 2017

International Conference Participation

Our colleagues Attila Korompai and Márton Péti held lectures on the CEE Conference of Regional Studies Association (RSA) between 11 and 13 September in Cluj Napoca.

Presentation of Attila Korompai

Presentation of Márton Péti

19/09 2017

Office Hours

Dear Students,


our colleagues at the Secretary are happy to help you in the following office hours:


Mondays: 13:00--15:00

Wednesdays: 09:00--14:00

Fridays: 09:00--12:00


Best wishes,

Geo Institute

14/09 2017

Scientific Students' Associations

Dear Students,

in case you are interested in applying for Scientific Students' Associations (TDK) with a paper suitable for the section 'Regionality and Sustainable Development' feel free to cantact  Zsófia Nemes TDK-liaison (nemeszsofi9600(at)gmail(dot)com). 

Best wishes,

Geo Institute


12/09 2017


Congratulation to our students Zsófia Ghira and Márton Csia for receiving state scholarship in the academic year 2017/2018!


Icons made by Pixel perfect from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

11/09 2017

Flipped Classroom

In the fall semester of 2017/18, the course „economic valuation of the environment” (compulsory elective in the regional and environmental economics ma programme) will be taught by Professor Zsuzsanna Marjaine Szerényi using a new methodological approach: the flipped classroom. 

In this model, the students learn the theory at home at their own convenience based on videos and written materials uploaded into the Moodle e-learning System, and deepen their knowledge attending seminars where they solve practical exercises related to each topic. In the regional and environmental economics MA programme this is the first course offered using the flipped classroom method, but based on the experiences and feedback from students we plan to develop the methodology for further courses.

07/09 2017

Erasmus Mobility in Germany

Dear Students,

the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences is happy offer scholarship and internship opportunities to Corvinus students for one or two semesters to their office Sprachen/Internationales!

German language knowledge is not necessary. Interns receive about EUR 400 over their Erasmus scholarships. Contact: Judit Gossler (judit.gossler@uni-corvinus.hu
Further information


04/09 2017

Associate Membership of Association of European Schools of Planning

We are pleased to announce that the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) accepted our associate membership request.



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