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M.Sc. in Finance

Program director:

Dr. Edina Berlinger
associate professor,
head of Department
Department of Finance

Completion period:

4 semesters

Required credits:


Majors to choose from:

Our department coordinates the Corporate Finance and the Investment Analysis majors.


Entry Specifications 

The B.A. program in Finance and Accounting directly lays the foundation of our M.Sc. program in Finance. When planning the core curriculum of the program, we built upon the assumed knowledge level of students holding a B.A. degree in the forementioned field. However, the program is open for anyone with a B.A./B.Sc. degree provided that he/she posesses the required knowledge in theory and methodology.

Why to choose M.Sc. in Finance at Corvinus University of Budapest?

Our experiences concerning job opportunities of students graduated from our former (five-year-long) M.Sc. programs are very favourable. Our graduates can easely establish themselves in a job, both companies in the private sector and institutions in the public sphere are keen on employing them.

Organizations interested in employing our graduates for planning, analyzing and evaluating their financial activities; for preparing their financial decisions; and for coordinating and organizing their processes are primarily economic entities (enterprises, banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, consulting firms), institutions of the government budget (ministries, regulatory institutions, local authorities/governments, organs of the revenue office) and non-profit organizations.

Our graduates possess competences that are essential in business life (knowledge concerning economics, methodology, business and markets; competence in computer skills; command of languages; problem-solving and analytical skills etc.), and beside these they have specific professional knowledge (relating to finance, accounting and taxation) and specific practical skills. These skills and knowledge can be made good use of both in Hungary and abroad.

History of education of finance at Corvinus University of Budapest

The predecessor of our current Finance (M.Sc.) program was the five-year-long Finance (M.Sc.) program (taught at the legal predecessor of our university: the Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration (BUESPA)), which existed as a major of two five-year-long programs before: the Economics (M.Sc.) and the Business (M.Sc.). Prior to this there existed a five-year-long Finance (M.Sc.) program at the legal predecessor of the present-day Faculty of Economics.

Last modified: 2016.07.28.