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A Gyakorlati Diplomácia Társasága
Association of Diplomacy in Practice
L’Association de Diplomatie en Pratique

E-mail: gyakorlati.diplomacia@gmail.com


Welcome to our homepage!

About us

The short story of the association

The Association of Diplomacy in Practice was founded in March 2007 by university students of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Corvinus University of Budapest. In our professional capacity we put our emphasis on organizig lectures. Our goal is to get an insider’s view on the current affairs of Hungarian foreign policy, world politics and the different branches of professional diplomacy through the life and experience of the lecturers invited by the Association.


Since its foundation in March 2007, the Association has grown into one of the most significant student organizations at Corvinus University of Budapest, highlighted by the warm response our programmes are met with. Our lecturers include the influential actors of the Hungarian foreign policy and professional diplomacy as well as the members of the Corps Diplomatique accredited to Hungary.

We establish and maintain relations with embassies and international organizations in the Budapest region.

Our programmes

The Association of Diplomacy in Practice organizes two sorts of programmes: open lectures and conferences. For our members, we organize exclusive programs: site-briefings at the embassies and international organizations in the Budapest region. Our members regularly participate in the sessions of the Committee on European Affairs and the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Hungarian Minorities Abroad of the Hungarian National Assembly and also take part in various conferences organized by the Hungarian National Assembly.


In addition, we participate in different team-building events and excursions.


We are also regular guests at the lectures of Andrássy Gyula German Speaking University of Budapest as well as at those organized by the Embassy of Switzerland and the Antall József Foundation’s “Club of Ambassadors” conference series.


Our next event organized in English

No public lecture organized in English is expected at the moment. Please come back later for the expected events of the Spring Semester 2011.


Some of our previous events organized in English


November 30, 2010, 18.00, Corvinus University of Budapest, „C” bldg. Lecture Room C202.

Public lecture by H.E: Shkendije Geci-Sherifi, Ambassador of Kosovo to Hungary




November 9, 2010, 18.00 Corvinus University of Budapest, „C” bldg. Lecture Room C.IX.

Public lecture by Mr. Markos Kounalakis




October 29, 2008, 18:00, Corvinus University of Budapest, Lecture hall III., main building, “Obama vs. McCain: Election Day 2008” conference ont he November 4 American presidential election.

Invited lecturers:

  • Viktor Szederkényi, Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, former deputy chief of mission in Washington
  • Jeffrey D. Levine, deputy chief of mission in Budapest
  • Orbán Anita, ICDT deputy director


Our sponsors

Become our supporter!

The Association of Diplomacy in Practice has been pursuing its activities for five years. We have organized numerous high-standard professional programs, lectures and workshops, in the framework of which we tried to bring closer the world of international relations and diplomacy to our guests, also with the help of our lecturers. In the course of our work, we have received several positive feedbacks. We have built a friendly relationship with many high-ranking officials and ministerial employees in Hungary, while on an international level, we have forged links with several embassies accredited to Hungary. The fact that several lecturers accepted our invitation more than once and our visits to different diplomatic missions also prove the favourable reception and acknowledgement of our association.

However, as an independent student organization, our work is not easy despite the moral and intellectual support that we receive. During the last five years, we have outgrown the possibilities offered by the Corvinus University of Budapest, the number of our members has increased, and our field of activity has become more diverse. Given the fact that our priority is to ensure a high quality at all times, the functioning of our relatively small association has to face more and more obstacles. Buying gifts to our lecturers, renting an appropriate room for our programs, or setting up a new website mean continuous difficulties for us.

In the future, the work of our association as well as the achievement of our objectives is inconceivable without bringing in external partners. We are confident that we could build a rich and long-term relationship with our sponsors. We gladly accept all kind of support, from material or technical offerings to professional help in the organization of our events. Of course, we can offer several advertisement opportunities to our partners, as well as giving them the chance to present their activities to our guests. We can also show the logos or the advertisements on our website, on our gifts or on our posters that can be seen on the whole territory of the Corvinus University of Budapest.

In case you are able to receive us, our members would also be happy to help in the work of your organization. As students of international relations, politics or economics, we would gladly make good use of our knowledge, language skills or relations in the framework of a cooperation with you.

You can find more information on the association on our website: http://gydt.uni-corvinus.hu. We kindly ask you to take a look at the introduction of our members, and get to know us more closely! We are also at your disposal for a personal meeting. If you want to get in touch with us, please contact us in advance:


Andrea Koszti (president)

Tel: +36 30 452 0832
E-mail: elnok.gyakorlatidiplomacia(kukac)gmail(pont)com

Utolsó frissítés: 2012.04.18.