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Attila Tasnádi

Attila Tasnádi

is a Professor at the Corvinus University of Budapest and he is also the Director of the Institute of Mathematical and Statistical Modeling. His main research fields are theoretical industrial organization and social choice. He lead the Strategic Interactions Research Group supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for five years. He has papers published in journals like American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Economic Theory, Games and Economic Behaviour, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, and Social Choice and Welfare.

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Attila Tasnádi: Production in advance versus production to order: Equilibrium and social surplus

We determine a symmetric mixed-strategy equilibrium of the production-in-advance type symmetric capacity-constrained Bertrand-Edgeworth duopoly game for the most challenging case of intermediate capacities, which was unknown so far. Based on the obtained equilibrium we show that economic surplus within the production-to-order type environment is higher than in the respective production-in-advance type one, and therefore production-to-order should be preferred to production-in-advance if the mode of production can be influenced by the government.

Last modified: 2019.09.10.