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Aida Barkauskaitė

is a PhD candidate at Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania. Scientific researchers and papers started writing in her bachelor degree studies. Research interest is deposit insurance system, banking activities, systemic risk analysis. PhD thesis is associated with systemic risk assessment in common European Union deposit insurance system model.

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Ausrine Lakstutiene, Aida Barkauskaite, Justyna Witkowska: Is it Necessary to Measure Systemic Risk in Risk-Based Common European Union Deposit Insurance System?

Scientific discussions stressed that the main problem with the current deposit insurance system is that in many EU countries, the current system does not evaluate the risks assumed by banks to calculate the deposit insurance premiums, and thus do not provide sufficient stability of the banking system. Scientific research shows that the deposit insurance system should take into account not only individual bank risk indicators, but also to systemic risk of banks that affects the stability of the banking system. Therefore, this article analyzed how contributions into insurance funds would change of the banks of Lithuania after the introduction of the EU’s overall risk-based deposit insurance system and after including into assessment the additional systemic risk. The obtained research results show that the introduction of risk-based deposit insurance system would redistribute payments to the deposit insurance fund between banks operating in Lithuania and thus would contribute to the reduction of negative effects of deposit insurance system and to the financial system stability increase.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.