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Publication grant

Within the framework of the EFOP-3.6.3-VEKOP-16-2017-00007 „Young researchers from talented students” project aimed at activities fostering scientific careers in higher education the Corvinus University of Budapest hereby invites applications for grants from doctoral students and doctoral candidates. 

Dear Applicant! We would like to call your attention to the recent modifications in the call: doctoral candidates are now also involved as eligible applicants.



Call for Application


Request Form



Aim of the Publication grant:  

The aim of the grant is to help increase the number of domestic and international, Hungarian and foreign language publications authored by doctoral students (hereinafter students), to support convergence with international research trends.  The publication grant supports students in obtaining their publication credits that are manadtorily prescribed in the new type of doctoral education and thus contributes to meeting requirements and successfully completing the doctoral program. 


Amount of the grant:

  • for publications in Hungarian HUF 50,000 gross/ publication/student
  • for publications in a foreign language HUF 100,000 gross/publication/student

Application criteria:

  • Application is open to doctoral students or doctoral candidates who take part in a doctoral program, in one of the doctoral schools.


Current call period: 5th November 2018 - 31st October 2020


Doctoral School budgets:


Doctoral School of General and Quantitative Economics

300 000 Ft 

Doctoral School of Business and Management

2 600 000 Ft

International Relations Multidisciplinary Doctoral School

2 300 000 Ft

Doctoral School of Political Science

600 000 Ft

Sociology Doctoral School

800 000 Ft

Doctoral School of Social Communication

300 000 Ft



Katalin Kovács - katalin.kovacs[at]uni-corvinus.hu

Last modified: 2020.01.22.