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Course offer & administration


Spring Term

Core course:

  • Global Management Practice


  • Company Valuation And Value Creation
  • Changing Environments in Business and Globalization
  • Model UNFCCC-CEMS Climate Change Strategy role-play 
  • Digital Transformation
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Global Marketing 
  • Startup Navigator: The Entrepreneurial Perspective 
  • The Roles and Duties of Management
  • Student Managed Investment Fund

Spring term 


Fall Term

Core course:

  • Global Strategy


  • Decision Making Skills
  • Company Valuation And Value Creation
  • Multinational Accounting
  • Corporate Sustainability and CSR
  • Marketing Challenges in Diverse European Markets
  • Strategic Financial Analysis
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technology Innovation and Knowledge Management
  • Strategy for Global Industries
  • Changing Environments In Business and Globalization

Fall term



Course registration

You will have to register for courses  in Neptun in the course registration period (for Fall semester the course registration is in June, for Spring semester it is in December). You will be able to check your Neptun code in the Mobility system. The International Office will send you information about how to register. You can also find a quick guide to Neptun in the Left menu.


Add and Drop period

You will be able to change your courses if you wish at the beginning of the semester. Please be careful when dropping a course, the number of available places are very limited during this period.


Clashing courses

Please note that you are not allowed to register for clashing courses in Neptun because of the mandatory attendance of courses (even if the system allows you to do that).


Exam registration

Please remember to register for exams in Neptun. Without registration you are not allowed to take the exam. Check the registration guide in the Left menu.

Last modified: 2019.04.02.