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PhD in International Relations

The aim of the program is to offer postgraduate studies in the multidisciplinary field of International Studies. Since International Studies consists of many academic fields, in the structure of the program such sciences as International Law, International Economics, Theory of International Relations, History of International relations, Regional Studies can be found. The lectures of the Doctoral School are mainly organized by the Department of World Economy (Faculty of Economics) and the Institute for International Studies (Faculty of Social Sciences).

The doctoral program covers two major areas: education and research. The first two years of the course constitutes the educational period. Research starts parallel with the educational program, and makes up the final year of the program. The first year of studies include core subjects on methodology and theory, some attended by students of both subprograms, while others are course-specific.

The students have to submit a research proposal at the end of their first year. Based on their proposal a supervisor is appointed by the Council of the Doctoral School. During the second academic year subprogram-specific lessons and alternative subjects are studied. Also, the preparation for writing the thesis starts during research seminars. At the same time research forums are held in order to enable discussions and a better understanding of the results of research done before.

Language of the program: English – Hungarian

Discipline of science: Social Sciences

Branch of science: economics, political science


  • World Economics 

Head of the World Economics Subprogram: Professor András Blahó CSc
Department of World Economy

Phone: (1) 482-5340
E-mail: andras.blaho(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu    

  • International and Security Studies

Head of the International and Security Studies Subprogram: Professor Erzsébet Kaponyi, PhD dr. habil., 

Institute for International Studies
Phone: (1) 482-7247
E-mail: e.kaponyi(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu

International Relations Multidisciplinary Doctoral School (link: www.uni-corvinus.hu/index.php)


PhD in Sociology

The PhD program in Sociology aims to prepare students to carry out high quality research in economic sociology and related social areas. In order to achieve this goal we offer courses in sociological theory, methodology, stratification, economic sociology, and subject area topics. PhD students are supposed to take part in research seminars from the beginning, where their  topic is discussed and developed.

The program includes the following specialization areas:

Economic sociology - Migration studies - Financial culture of everyday life –

Corruption and social norms –Subjective well-being – Information technology and society – Local society – Unemployment - Labour market – Social policy –

Social aspects of European integration – Elites - Entrepreneurship –

Deliberative and experimental methods - Networks, trust and social resources

The work of the PhD student is controlled by a tutor, whose task is to advise the PhD candidate during the research. The degree-acquiring process includes three elements: to pass the doctoral rigorosum, to write and defend the proposal, and to write and defend the final doctoral dissertation. The final dissertation has to be defended in front of a committee, including the opponents with written evaluation of the thesis.

Institute of Sociology and Social Policy  
Program coordinator: Dr. Tamás Bartus, e-mail: tamas.bartus(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu

Last modified: 2016.07.28.

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