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This spring semester bachelor and masters students at Corvinus University can participate in an English language academic competition organized by the Köz-Gazdaságperiodical of the university and the ObjektívKutatóIntézetZrt.

You will have the unique opportunity to test your academic abilities in the English language through a written and an oral, two-staged competition. Our aim is to urge students to work independently in a field of their interest – to hypothesize, gather, test, and analyze data – that will add to the their own awareness as well as to the development of economic studies. The first phase of the competition is a written report of your findings in the field of your choosing. The students who meet the criteria will advance to the second round of the competition, which is a presentation of their findings to a panel of scholars and professors. The fourwinning papers will receive prize money amounting to 250 000 HUF, and have the opportunity to publish their paper in the Köz-Gazdaság periodical as well as on the website of ObjektívKutatóIntézet. Additionally, the author of the best research-proposal in business economics will be investigated by the ObjektívKutatóIntézet and the author will have the opportunity to participate in the research s/he invented.



In the spring semester of the 2015/16 school year you have the possibility of writing your paper in the following fields:

1.       Research-Proposal in Business Economics

2.       History of Company-Research

1.            The aim of the research is to find connections between the performance of Hungarian firms and their culture, or more broadly their human resource management. Our working hypothesis is that the better the HR of a firm, the more efficient and more profitable its activities. The question is how can the culture of a firm be measured in Hungary, what kind of indicators can signal the culture of a firm? The participants should research indicators, prove (or disprove) the connection between the indicators and the corporate culture based on papers and articles, give a brief outline of the measurement process of the indicators (the availability of data, the difficulties of measurement, potential areas for improvement, etc.). Data collection and analysis are not requisites of the papers.

2.            The aim of this field is the presentation of the history of company-research. The following questions can be used as guidelines: how have companies been assessed in the past, what aspects of the firm have been investigated to determine the success of a company? How has the methodology of company-research evolved in the last century? What indicators were used to assess the efficiency of firms throughout the years?

If you would like to write a paper in any of these subjects, then register before the 16th of March 2016 through the following link:

During registration you must provide the following information:

·         Name(s) and personal information of the author(s). (It is possible to submit co-authored papers, but please note that all the authors must be listed and they must all provide their personal information)

·         The title of your paper

·         The field in which you would like to compete (You must choose ONE: either research-proposal in business economics, or history of company-research)

·         Name and contact information of your tutor. If you do not have a tutor, please indicate that as well in order for us to provide one for you.

·         Résumé: A max. 300 word abstract of your paper, which includes your hypothesis, your research methodology, and (if available) your conclusion.

·         Whether or not you would like to participate in a workshop



·         29th of February, 2016 08:00: Registration opens

·         16th of March, 2016 23:59: Deadline for registering

·         14th of April, 2016 23:59: Papers’ submission deadline

·         20th of April, 2016: Deadline for receiving feedback on your paper

·         28th of April, 2016: 2nd round - Oral presentations and Awards Ceremony



The following criteria should be met by your paper to be able to compete in the competition:

·         Only papers that are written in the English language may be submitted.

·         The length of the paper cannot exceed 15 pages (30 000 characters).

·         Format: Times or Times New Roman font, 12pt. font size, 1.5 spacing, justified text, margins: 2.54cm.

·         All papers must contain:

o   Cover page with the title of the paper, the field you wish to enter your paper, the name(s) of the author(s) and his/her/their major and year, name of the tutor, date, character count of your paper

o   Table of Contents

o   List of References

o   Max. 5 page synopsis of your research in Hungarian


Plagiarism: Any paper that does not include a list of references, or is deemed to be plagiarized by the judges will be eliminated from the competition.

Tutors and Workshops: Students have the opportunity to work with tutors of their own choosing. However, we will also be holding workshops throughout the semester where students without tutors can apply for one, and where they can receive help in their work. If you would like to participate in these workshops, or would like to apply for a tutor let us know in your registration.

Written - 1st Round: The first round of the competition is the written round. You must email a pdf version of your paper to academiccompetition.cub(kukac)gmail(pont)comAND hand in a hard (printed) copy to the Department of Microeconomics on the 14th of April 2016. The received papers will be given to 2 professors to be marked. You will receive written feedback by the 20th of April 2016. Feedback will include a percentage grade for your paper and comments from the markers. If it meets the criteria, the paper will continue to the second round of the competition.

Oral presentation - 2nd Round: On the 28th of April you will have a chance to present your findings to a panel of judges composed of university professors and scholars. You must prepare a max. 10 minute presentation (Powerpoint, Prezi, etc.) of your hypothesis, your methodology, your findings and answers to any feedback comments you received.

Results: The winners will be announced following the presentations. They will receive prize money (in the Research-Proposal in Business Economics category the winning papers win: for 1st place100 000 HUF, for 2nd place 70 000 HUF, for 3rd place 30 000 HUF, in the History of Company-Researchcategory the winning paper wins 50 000 HUF), and have the fortuity to publish their paper in the Köz-Gazdaságperiodicaland on the website of ObjektívKutatóIntézet. The author of the best company research-proposal will have the opportunity to work with the team of the ObjektívKutatóIntézet to research his/her proposal.

Contact: If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by e-mail: academiccompetition.cub(kukac)gmail(pont)com


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