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NEPTUN account user’s manual for CUB students

Dear Students,

The Corvinus University of Budapest prescribes transfers via the NEPTUN account as the sole payment method for covering all university debts, i.e. university charges, delay fines, service fees, and exam retake fees.

You will find the account data and information about how to make payments further below.

The Hungarian bank account is obligatory for student finances.

Inability to use the system properly may result in various difficulties throughout your studies (inability to register for courses or examinations on time, etc.). Please read and keep to the following message to make your way easier at the university on the one hand, and facilitate administration work at the Registration Office on the other.

Account data:

Account name:

Neptun gyűjtőszámla

Account number:


Account manager:

Magyar Államkincstár


NK-NEPTUN ID (space) Name



The Neptun account is HUF based, transfers initiated in foreign currencies will be converted. Currencies traded by the National Bank of Hungary are all transferable. For details, consult their webpageénzügyi

Topping up the account

In all cases, the cover for charges must be sent by bank transfer from an identifiable bank account number to the account number above. The university does not accept other payment methods (mail checque, cash, VIBER transfer) and we shall also reject complaints, for security reasons. Student are to take responsibility for their own mistakes. In order to identify the transferred sum, filling in the “note” field is of utmost importance.
The first character in the “note” field cannot be a space. Invariably, the first two characters need to be NK-, with a hyphen, then, without interruption, type in the student Neptun ID, making sure not to type 0 “zero” instead of the letter O, and vice versa. Afterwards, type a “space” followed by the name of the student. Unidentifiable lots will be transferred back to the sender.
At least one day from transfer date will elapse until the Neptun account gets credited. Transferred lots will be collected by the bank on the date of arrival, and forwarded to the university in the morning of the next working day.
Students are advised to pay attention to the aforementioned transfer time in the exam period, as there are short intervals available between the exams. You may need to transfer in advance to have all the charges safely covered.

Attention! The 4-hour transfer time rule does not apply to NEPTUN account transfers!


Confirmation of payments


Crediting the account does not mean payment clearance in itself. The student needs to set it manually in the IT system. Click on the menu “Finances/Payments” where you will find your due payments. Above filtering categories (term, status) your personal account balance will show up, so you will immediately see whether you have enough credit for due payment clearances. To filter the payment lots by academic term and status, click on “List”. Then click on the “Pay” checkbox next to the selected lot, click “Continue” and select “Transfer payment to account”, click “Pay” and your payment lot will be cleared at once.


Authorising automatic clearance


In case you would like to simplify transfers, you may want to select automatic clearance. In “Finances/Settings”, select “Automatic clearance”. Such a setting is advantageous because your listed payment lots will be cleared automatically on deadline preventing uverdue lots to accumulate, and thus you may avoid potential rejection from exam registration or course registration.


Requesting invoice for cleared lots

Completed payment status sum totals may be invoiced any time at request, by submitting the “Invoice Request” form ( In case the lot is of active (unpayed) status, the following steps need to be taken: Have the “Invoice Request” form filled in by your employer, submit it at the Registration Office, and the Finance Office will make out an invoice. The sum to be debited should be transferred to the Treasury account. Consult the registration administrator for payment deadlines. Invoiced active lots cannot be cleared via the Neptun account.


Repayments for the university via Neptun account

Potential repayments must be cleared via the Neptun account which needs to be topped up first – see the instructions above. In the menu Finances/Payments, click “Repay” and you will find the list of lots to be repayed. Then click on the “Pay” checkbox next to the selected lot, click “Continue” and select “Transfer payment to account”, click “Pay” and your payment lot will be cleared at once.

Initiating withdrawal from the Neptun account to the personal bank account

The account balance can be monitored continuously in the programme, and if the student decides so, they may also withdraw money to the bank account registered in the Neptun account. In the menu “Finances/List of transactions”, select “Neptun account” at the filter settings and click on “Withdraw”. On the next surface, specify the sum, select the bank account number and click on “Withdraw”. Your request will be confirmed and the transfer processed. It should be checked before initiating withdrawal if there is a bank account number registered in Neptun, and whether it is correct. In case the bank account number needs modification, ask your registration administrator for help.


Listing payment lots


The payment process always starts with the University’s listing the payment lot in the Neptun account. Exam retake fees are listed in the menu “Finances/Payments”. Click on “Listed lots”. In the next window, select “Retake” and the subject which you failed or the exam which needs to be retaken. The fee amount to be paid (i.e. the listed lot sum) will be calculated automatically. With the exception of retake fees, all other due payments (such as tuition fees, individual procedure fees, service fees) will be listed by the registration administrator. Lots listed by mistake can be deleted. However, you are only entitled to delete the lots you listed. In case you deem a lot listed by the administrator unjustified, visit the Registration Office immediately. Course/exam registration is only possible if all due payments have been cleared, so the administrator needs to be informed about potentially unjustified lots as soon as possible. In “Finances/Payments” you can monitor your listed lots and their payment status continuously, and you may also list both your active and completed lots.

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