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Main field of study for the qualification:  International Relations

Level of qualification: Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Name of qualification:  International Relations Expert

Official length of program: 6 semesters

Required number of credits: 180 

Aim of study:

The program aims at the training of professionals who – relying on their competence in international politics, economics, law and European studies – are able to facilitate and contribute to the dilemmas generated by the integration process, as well as to the efficient usage of the economic and institutional opportunities of the same source employed in the private or the public sector, at local municipalities or at local institutions of regional development; furthermore, the participants will acquire the appropriate level of theoretical knowledge necessary to continue the program at MA level.

Degree requirements:

- Fulfilment of the obligatory courses

- 180 credits 

- 4-week internship

- Physical Education (2 semesters)

- Accepted thesis work

- Successful Final Exam (oral exam of the required subjects and defense of the thesis work)

- One language exam at intermediate level (B2 complex), or an equivalent certificate. (It must be different from the language of education and different from the mother tongue of the student.)

Program coordinator:  Dr. Ágnes Kemenszky 

Institute for International Studies

Last modified: 2018.11.30.

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