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The Competitiveness Research Center engaged in running the business competitiveness survey for the third time in 2004 as a new phase of the Competing the world researches titled „Economic comeptitiveness from the business point of view, 2004-2006”. The research program launched in 2004 had one main and two supplementary aims. The main aim was to assess the development tendencies characterizing the domestic business sphere based on the competitiveness surveys continued and the supplementary analysis, and to evaluate the development in the time of accession to the European Union. The supplementary aims were to compare the results with the performance and results of leading international businesses and to confront the findings with the leading international theories and explanations about the market economy. The researches centered around the realization of business competitiveness, which depends mostly on the upper level managers, who need to lead and operate their businesses so that they are capable of internal and external adaptation. Four internal adaptation areas were defined – strategy, leadership and decision making, value creation and inter-firm relationships – that represented the areas of the four research projects led by Károly Balaton, Zita Zoltayné Paprika, Krisztina Demeter and Krisztina Kolos. The perceived focus points of the external adaptation areas at the time were also categorized into four groups – the EU accession; the situation of the business sphere (business environment); technological development and the development of knowledge society; and the ownership structure. The four dimensions were taken into consideration by the researchers when researching their specific topic. A researches about the business competitiveness and the macroeconomic sphere were coordinated in the framework of a so-called central project led by Attila Chikán and Erzsébet Czakó.

Contributors, results and output of the researches

Close to 200 people, mostly colleagues at CUB, PhD. and university students contributed to the researches, that resulted in 42 working papers, 10 other papers, 4 project closing papers and a closing report of the researches. The papers are accessible at http://edok.lib.corvinus.hu. An international and a national conference were organized related to the research program in May 2006 and 2007. The results of the research program were continuously published in the Budapest Management Review. One of the most valuable results is the model incorporating and integrating the elements of micro- and macroeconomic competitiveness described by Chikán (2008) in English and by Chikán – Czakó (2009) in Hungarian.

The Center is thanking OTP Bank Ltd., MOL Inc., Hungarian International Trading Bank, National Development Office, Business Economics Scientific Association and Business Economics Scientific Education Foundation for the financial support.

Last modified: 2019.03.11.