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The “Competing the world” research program arrived at another milestone. The interim report  summarizes the major findings of the recent competitiveness surveys. The surveys were run in 1996, 1999, 2004 and 2009. In 2009 the data were coming from more than 1200 business leaders and they were an excellent base to further deep analysis, which was at the core of the research program for the following 1 to 2 years. Apart from that the prior researches started at an earlier phase of the competitiveness research program were also continued cooperating with the Hungarian Competition Authority, the State Audit Office of Hungary and other researchers, institutes.

In 2007-2009 the researches focused on the topics that were the most important in the prior years, mostly based on the surveys run in 2004-2006. The projects that were built around the main research topics could operate differently from a structural and a financial point of view. According to the structure described, the heads of the prior projects were asked to become a member of the research council (Károly, Balaton, Attila Chikán (president), Erzsébet Czakó, Krisztina Demeter, Krisztina Kolos, Zita Zoltayné Paprika), where their task was to pay close attention to the research process, to give their opinion on it and to prepare the survey that was about to run in 2009. The research focused on four main topics: (1) The international elements of the Hungarian business sphere (2)  The social embededness of business level competitiveness (3) National economic policy and business level competitiveness (4) Business strategies, development tendencies and competitiveness. The Center cooperated with other institutes to the extent the topic required it: in topic (1) the Competition Culture Center of the Hungarian Competition Authority, in topic (2) the Faculty of Public Administration and its Civil Service Department, and  the  State Audit Office of Hungary and in topic (3) the PPH Public Policy Analysis institute contributed. The researches under topic (4) were led and done by the leading colleagues of the Center, similarly to previous years. The competitiveness survey run for the fourth time was the final piece of the researches.

The researches received financial support from the Development and Methodology Institute of  the State Audit Office of Hungary, the Competition Culture Center of the Hungarian Competition Authority, the OTP Bank Ltd., MOL Plc. and the Business Economics Scientific Education Foundation.

The results and output of the researches

The research resulted in 10 working papers. In this phase the professional workshops were renewed and the local experts participated in the workshop debates. The results of the researches were introduced at many local and international conferences. Two volumes were published in 2007 and 2010 edited  by Gusztáv Báger and Erzsébet Czakó, related to the topic number (2). A Hungarian volume – with the contribution of 18 authors – edited by Attila Chikán and Erzsébet Czakó titled “Competing the world. Competitiveness of Hungarian businesses in the new millennium.” was published by the Academic Press in 2010.   

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