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Dear Visitor,

The Corvinus University of Budapest, an internationally recognised and prestigious institution, invites you to attend the Corvinus Summer School which offers a variety of courses in different subject areas.

When summer comes, we normally think that studies are over and we are now free to travel all over the world and enjoy the sun. Why not to try to combine both: studying and travelling?

We offer you a unique opportunity to come to the capital of Hungary, Budapest, to sit in a climatised room and attend lectures, where you can:

  • tell us your opinion, as it is an important value and we are listening to you;
  • shape the process of the lesson with your interactive participation;
  • improve your independent learning style via problem-based projects;
  • improve your critical thinking;
  • experience a real multicultural atmosphere;
  • improve your inter/multicultural competencies.

In this programme you will be provided with theoretical and practical knowledge and will receive an additional bonus, namely, a firsthand knowledge of the situation in Central Europe and Hungary. You can get answers to interesting questions related to the area. 

You can benefit from high quality courses based on internationally accredited business education in English and acquire state-of-the-art theoretical and practical knowledge at the internationally renowned Corvinus Business School.

Language, Culture and Fun: we offer you the optimal blend of the three! Learning Hungarian is a formidable challenge as it is. Get acquainted with this complex and fascinating language, get a glimpse of Hungarian music and dance, history and arts, and naturally, have a taste of our culinary wonders! Come along and you will find out that Magyar – although the official language of Heaven – does NOT take an eternity to learn :) At any rate, people in the streets, shops and bars will appreciate your effort.

I cannot list all the courses to stir up your interest, but I hope you will find some which fit into your programme.

If you are ready to face new challenges, come along and perfect your skills, meet new friends, and explore a beautiful country, its people and culture!

Prof. Zoltán Szántó
Vice-rector for Education

Last modified: 2017.02.16.