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Reduction of Poverty and Malnutrition in the African Countries

Background of the Action

The estimated number of undernourished people in developing countries was 824 million in 1990-1992. In 2010, the number had climbed to 925 million people. Goal of international organisations, institutes and researches in the world is a global goal adopted by the nations of the world. The present outcome indicates how marginal the efforts were in face of the real need. Other problems, as vitamin and mineral deficiencies affect a third of the world's people deilitating minds, bodies, energies and the economic prospects of nations.

Objective of the Project

Main purpose of our work that we join in programmes reducing malnutrition, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and other severe health problems in countries of Africa. We hope that our results and our partners' results will contribute to improvement of health status of poor Africa's population. 

We tend to achieve maximum productivity with the use of local, sustainable, cost effective cereal specifies and to introduce modern, cheap, environmentally friendly technologies and to invest into factories in order to fulfill local and international demands of safe and healthy food products while creating workplaces and bring profit for these countries. Fortification of developed products is very important because there are basic foods and they can be adopted in the daily diet.

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