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INNOTárs Socialisation of Innovation Program

Background of the Action

Over the past two decades Hungary’s economy has changed, the private sector grew more and more important and hence the financial environment has changed, too. However, actors in economic life have not changed their behaviour in a correspondent manner. There is a deficiency in the financial culture; obstructing factors are a lack of knowledge and a lack of trust. Skills in the field of financial culture that appropriately relate to the new financial environment are essential for Hungary’s ability to develop innovations and remain competitive on a European scale.

Objective of the Project

The project is realised with the support of the Hungarian National Institute for Research and Technology (today National Innovation Office) and its implementation was managed by the CUB Innovation Centre Public Benefit Ltd. The scientific components of the research project were carried out by the Institute of Sociology and Social Policy, Faculty of Social Sciences.

The research project examined the acceptance and perception of innovation by SMEs and by citizens in the field of financial services. Hungarian financial culture and its components were analysed in comparison with international examples and its relation to competitiveness was studied. The results contribute to the financial sector’s further innovative development and are also important to research and education, enhancing the transposition of bank- and financial sociology.

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