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Friday, 2014. July 11.
11:00 - Meghívó Szűcs Viktória PhD értekezésének nyilvános vitájára
A B.C.E. Tájépítészeti és Tájökológiai Doktori Iskolája meghívja Önt Szűcs Viktória "Az élelmiszeripari adalékanyagok fogyasztói kockázat-észlelése" című PhD értekezésének 2014.júl...
Thursday, 2014. July 17.
10:00 - Meghívó okleválátadó ünnepi kari tanácsülésre
A Kertészettudományi Kar 2014. július 17-én 10.00 órai kezdettel tartja oklevélátadó ünnepi tanácsülését a Fővám téren.

Neptun & moodle


Neptun is the intranet system of the University. Basically all the administrative tasks you have as a Student are to be completed in Neptun. More specifically, you use it to

-    register for a semester

-    register for courses

-    register for exams

-    complete payments (e.g. fees to take particular courses, fees to take extra exams, paying tuition fee in HUF, etc).

 The way to use Neptun goes as follows. You enter the system at https://neptun3r.web.uni-corvinus.hu/hallgatoi_1/login.aspx. First change the language (“nyelv” in Hungarian) to English, then type in your identifier and your password. Your identifier is your Neptun code. This is a code you get from your program coordinator at the very start of your studies at CUB. Your password is the date of your birth (in case you were born February 18, 1984; then your password is 19840218).

Quick guide to Neptun - How to register for courses

Quick guide to Neptun - How to register for exams



Moodle is an e-learning system, where all the course materials can be easily reached for a successful academic term.

You can enter Moodle here with your CUSMAN username and password.


For more information, please consult with our FAQ section.

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